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If you were to kill yourself how would you do it?

Asked by cornman (737points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone

Please explain why you would use this particular suicide method.

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I’d lock myself in a room with Rosie O’Donnell. That would do the job.

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@cornman: Before we all answer this, I need to ask… Are you suicidal?

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Yeah. Make sure you get a second opinion.

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At the moment, no. I’ve had the thoughts but would never actually do it. Too much to live for!

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I would like to shoot myself in the head only because it seems quick and painless. But since I have no access to any guns the next method would be to overdose on sleeping pills and alcohol so I could go to sleep and never wake up. If that won’t work I’d have to try hanging myself or cutting myself but those could hurt.

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Rent an expensive exotic car….
Find a bridge abutment….
Gee, a no brainer…

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Watch reality TV.

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I would probably take a bunch of pills, wash them down with alcohol, and then shoot myself. Nothing like overkill!!!

@cornman-I’m glad!

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I have two methods Im debating if such a day would ever come.

First. Go to a costume store and rent a giraffe suit and walk down a busy street playing circus music then drink cyanide. (protip cyanide turns your tongue purple.)

Second and a lot more painfully. I would go to the kitchen and turn the burners on high. I would then preform harikari on myself then put eggs and bacon in my stomach. I’d then grab some butchers twine and sew myself up and throw my body onto the open flame. Gruesome i know, but at least when they open me up for the autopsy theyd have a nice warm meal.

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deprivation of sleep by using the iPhone.why, its an IPHONE, come on now. Easy

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Swallow a Zune.

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@ubermatman: I don’t think you’ve put enough thought into it. :)
Me: Do every daring thing I have ever been afraid to do and see if I survive. If I do, then I must have something to live for.

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sorry. uberbatman (sp.)

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Haha great answers. I never would, but hypothetically speaking, I’d just put a pistol in my mouth. Don’t want to mess the pretty face. :)

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Why would you even ask that? Just wondering why your curious about this…

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When I decide its appropriate, I will utilize a painless tidy method recommended by several right to die organizations. I won’t give you the easy answer…as I have done, you need to do a substantial amount of reading, a ton of research and a whole.lot of soul searching before determining if and when suicide is apprpriate and the best method for accomplishment. And, I don’t believe such a thought should be entertained unless you are terminally or incurably ill and your quality of life becomes extremely poor. I meet the criteria but the quality of my life is still damn good. But, I realize it is deteriorating and will come to a point when I will want to “cash in my chips” and die with dignity. If suicidal thoughts exist due to depression or some other malady, please seek help and treatment.

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My brother shot himself in the heart with a .38 hollow point. It was effecrive and not the least bit funny.

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I now regret asking this question. Is there a way of removing it?

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scamp I am very sorry for your loss.

sorry if my previous answer offended you.

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This is a very uplifting question and one I think we should discuss with family around the Sunday dinner table. We might also discuss who should be the one to actually do it. We could take a vote.

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Thanks uberbatman . I wasn’t so much offended as I was worried about conman. I shared my personal experience becasue this is a sensitive topic, and we can’t be sure conman wasn’t reaching out for help when he posted

@.trainerboy I doubt you will recieve positive votes with your attitude. But I bet you hair is waving in the breeze of all the flags you’ve been geting.

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I’d probably jump of a building

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with my luck I tell you, you kill yourself using my method. Some a hole judge gives me life. Call 1800GETHELP

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Yeah…. A close friend of mine shot himself in the head last May. The pain has been unbearable and not the least bit funny either. That’s why I asked earlier why you wanted to know. Whatever the reason for wondering, its normal to be curious about suicide… It has crossed a lot of peoples minds at some point, but please please don’t ever go thru with it!

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Elect Hillary Clinton for President. That should take care of all of us!

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Here is one nobody thought of…I would jump off a cliff….WITH a parachute, BUT not open it!!!!

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I only feel like doing something like that because I can’t have you CornMan!

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I’d do it in a way that couldn’t be determined a suicide – that way my family could still get life insurance monies. Accidental poisoning, step in front of a car, drown, no brakes in the woods, etc.

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Morphine OD, I’ve heard they put down the elderly like this sometimes, gradually jacking up the dose over the course of a few days. I would want to take my time, have a few laughs, leave on a good feeling.

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No offence to anyone when i write this:

I wouldn’t go without leaving a complete pile of rubbish behind for my kids….(i’m mean like that =P)
...I would hire someone to kill me, and invent an entire story behind it. Then, all my kids would have to hunt down my killer, and all that kind of stuff.

I would make it a story good enough to get tons of fame, then someone would write an ace novel based on it!! =]

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This is a depressing question

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Just give it enough time and it will take care of itself.

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I would make it so everyone could remember it.

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probably alcohol poisoning from my favorite beer: the arrogant bastard stout!

here, i made a website about just this topic:

share your thoughts…

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There are a number of possible methods:
– Overdose on a dangerous drug (recreational or prescription)
– Electrocution when in water (e.g. when in the bathtub)
– Jumping from a high enough place
– Suffocation; having your nose and mouth closed off from oxygen and inhaling chemicals other than oxygen

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I would either overdose or shoot myself in the head,

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put the barrel of a loaded gun in my mouth and pull the trigger

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overdose, shoot myself or SBC.

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