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Spam! Do You Eat It? What's In It? Your Recipe Is?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 27th, 2010

My husband would vomit if I cooked Spam but I admit liking it. Do You like it and if so, how do you cook it?

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<Shudder> Everything you ever wanted to know about spam. I would never eat it, but some people have decided to use it for this in the name of art.

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I like it. I get the spam in the small foil pouches. Fry it up on both sides and two pieces of rye bread with mustard. Perfect size for a sandwich.

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I haven’t had Spam in ages, but when I did it was similar to the @Adirondackwannabe method.

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Yes, every once in awhile I like a fried spam sandwich but I go the whole unhealthy way and want white bread toasted.

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I had it a couple of times as a teen. Much too salty. Didn’t like it. Haven’t had it since.

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Put it thru a meat grinder or food processor w mayo, egg & onion etc & make a ham salad people rave over. I don’t tell them it’s spam.

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I like it. When I was little it was often the lunch my mom would make for me when I came home (that was back in the days when you could leave school and go home for lunch if you wanted). She would fry it and open a can of corn to go with it. So spam and corn is still one of my favorites but not too often because it is pretty fatty. And I really don’t want to know what goes into it, that would probably spoil the whole experience!!!

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My father fries it for breakfast. God, spam is disgusting.

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mmm, SPAM. I love it!! I grew up on spam, eggs and rice. nowadays if I have spam it’s a spam masubi. that’s a slice of spam on a bed of rice wrapped in seaweed.

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I thought I was the only sick bastard. You guys are disgusting. lol

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Spam is awesome. Mostly I just make sandwiches with it, here is a thread with plenty of good and fun spam recipes.

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