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chronic pain???

Asked by cornman (737points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone

If you were in chronic pain caused by emotional distress but could not take any pain medication what would you do?

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see a psychiatrist who can offer therapy and non narcotic meds to get you through the current situation causing you emotional distress?

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I would try accupunture. It helped my Mom when she was in a similar position. Then if they could refer you to a Qui Jong master (Sorry, I’m not sure about the spelling) that might be very helpful as well. I broke a rib one time (From coughing, of all things!) and nothing would help with the pain. Even Vicodin and Percocet wouldn’t touch it. My boss at the time had a friend who was a Qui Jong master and she put her hand on me and damn if the pain didn’t go away!!! I never before believed in stuff like that but I was desperate enough to let her try. I am a believer now and I can strongly reccomend it! I had to have her come “redo” it each day, but it worked. I feel for you. Best of luck!

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It’s actually my mother I am revering to. Trying to get her some help. Thanks to all of you and your answers.

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Is your mother open to talking about what is bothering her? Often the older generation is pretty tight-lipped about emotional issues. My father was (see private comment.) My sister swears by Tai-chi w. a little Chigong thrown in; I have found talk-therapy very useful as well as Yoga and meditative breathing. There are also classes on Mind/body connection. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zin is one well-known guru.

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I would take a product called Max GXL. It is amazing and I found it on a site
give it a look.

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She’s using Max and it seems to be helping a lot. I wish the company sold other products as well. If they sold a weight loss product and it worked as well as their Max product I would be the first one on board.

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I believe they are coming out with a product like that very soon!

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I believe the product mentioned has also gotten a strong endorsement from a past President of the AMA. I think he said this will change medicine around theo world>

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If the pain comes from emotion, she needs to see a therapist or psychiatrist.

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I believe I have heard of this max gxl that is referenced above. I may give it a shot.

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Therapy, accupuncture, yoga – those all seem to work. Why can’t she take medicine?

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Can she walk? Exercise a little? Sometimes the physical act of movement itself releases a lot of the tension built up in the muscles and joints associated with stress (ie gripping hands, grinding jaw, etc.). Just going for a walk could be helpful.

If not, perhaps a massage? Something to take the physical pain of stress away.

Also, I know this sounds corny but I’ve been told and found that watching a funny movie (even if you’re not in the mood) can make you break out in a smile, temporarily relieving some of the stress.

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