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If your SO was slowly gaining weight, would you mention it?

Asked by Facade (22894points) May 27th, 2010

If yes, why?
If no, why?

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She is and I don’t. People don’t generally need to be told when they are gaining weight. They already know, they already feel badly, and they are already worried about what you will think.

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Yes. ” Honey your pants are getting too tight, I’ll pick you up some new ones in the morning.” My husband is a big boy he can watch his weight all by himself.

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No, because I do not like small women ayways. I would say something if my S/O was losing too much weight lol.

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@dpworkin My thoughts exactly for once :)

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Yes, politely and diplomatically and sweetly. I expect the same from him too. It is a sign of true and honest care if it is done properly!

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If she complains about gaining weight I see it as an open topic. She knows my general attitude about it; don’t complain if you have no intention of doing anything about it.

My wife was 20 (1 week away from 21) when we met and she turns 30 in 1 month. She does not have that body anymore, but she’s just as sexy.

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Wont get laid.

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@ChazMaz So your motivation for keeping your mouth shut is driven by your desires and not hers? Awesome.

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She knows what her desire is. I am there to help.

Stating something the SO already knows the answer to is rhetorical. A setup.

And if that person does not see it, but you do. It still becomes driven by your desires and not hers.

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There is no need to, as she mentions it to me and ask me if i agree.
I see that she gained some (a scale isn’t lying) and tell her that, and that every kilo she grows she comes closer to my likings. Curvy.
I always thought it was a myth…, women asking if their ass looks big in that jeans, but she actually asked me a while ago.

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He is gaining weight, but he’s trying to because he’s getting more muscular. And trust me, that ain’t a bad thing. :)

If he was getting noticeably fatter and I was concerned, I would say something, but I would be polite as possible about it. I’m not going to pretend it isn’t happening, especially if it indicates a problem that we could solve.

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Yeah right, like I kind of like being alive & stuff.Although a subtle way of letting on could be to suggest a diet coke instead of regular…..woah on reflection that’s not going to gain any favours.Rather a blunt object twatted of my remorseful head.

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Most of the time I don’t mention it; once in a while, I act like a jerk.

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Nope. She’s pretty good at spotting it all by herself.

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Yes because my partner got heavy once before and it was horrible both for his health and also how other people made him feel but only after he’d gotten big. I’d advise him to switch up clothes just as I do now that we’re weeding out his too big stuff. He also knows there were a few years I gained weight and was terribly unhappy, we both agree we never want to be those people again nor to be treated how we were so we say we will look after each other to a degree.

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My girlfriend is thinner now than she was when I met her. I like her either way, though. Her girls are still lovely…

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We joke about his gut all the time, by mutual consent. He gained quite a bit since we met, but I did too. He knows he still floats my boat, so no harm in the odd affectionate reference to his big hairy belly.

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We have joked about weight gain, but both times I gained weight (side effect of a medication and after the death of my mother) my hubby didn’t say anything. Even when I said I had gained too much weight. And I honestly think he doesn’t see it. He was happy when my bra size went from a C to a D. Ha. I lost that weight though.

My hubby waist has gone up 6 inches since we met but he had a 28 waist when I met him so that is not a big deal. At least now we have an easier time buying his pants.

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I wanted to say I met my partner when he was already big, had never seen what he looked like before and I fell in love with him as he was but I won’t deny his trimmed down physique has upped his hottie factor ;p

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