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I'm studying on St. Croix next Spring... what do I need to know about living there?

Asked by StephK (1444points) May 27th, 2010

I’m part of a national student exchange program that’s allowing me to go to the Uni. of the Virgin Islands @ St. Croix for my last semester of college. There are two things I absolutely need while there:

1. An internship related to the arts, preferably paid but I know that may not be entirely possible
2. The ability to not go into debt

I’m a college student so I don’t have a very large amount of money, although I have started saving already. Can anyone offer me advice on things like moving, island transportation (specifically: how plausible is it to commute from island-to-island on a daily basis with a small budget AND how does getting around St. Croix on a bike sound?), any vaccines I may need to get, cost-saving measures, safety tips, or anything else?

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This may give you some ‘real’ information about living there. Good luck.

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That you use the preposition “at” for a place, not “on” and the @ sign doesn’t count as a word. Other than that, you’re good to go.

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@zenele Technically, St. Croix is the island so I will be living on it. As for the @ sign, I’ll take full responsibility for that transgression. Have any actual advice pertaining to what I need to know to live there? I’m not asking sarcastically, I really wouldn’t mind an answer.

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Noted. What @MissA said. I was being an ass.

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I spent two months on St. Croix in 2008 & really enjoyed it. Make sure you have ALL of you Hepitis vaccines. Do not go out after dark. Never leave any valueables in plain sight. The island is very pretty and the natives nice, be aware that you will be treated as a outsider, but in a friendly way. As for island hoping, it’s expensive, so either save alot before you go or make friends with those who have big boats. Have fun and good luck. Oh! and don’t get sick, the hospital there and doctors when I was there didn’t have the greatest rep.

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