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What does it take to wake you once you're in a deep sleep?

Asked by ucme (50031points) May 27th, 2010

I mean are you a light sleeper who’s relatively easily woken, like a mouse trods on a pebble outside & you’re all “whassup, who, where, what, why, when” Or could you sleep through almost anything, a herd of wildebeest frolicking merrily in your garden, or a full scale rendition of In the Mood by the Glenn Miller band.What tales of snoozing can you, will you share?

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Any sounds at all. Become part of my dream.

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First couple hours a brass band couldn’t wake me….after 3 hours a mouse sneezing a block away will wake me. I am not a good sleeper…make far too many mistakes! ;)

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What is a deep sleep? I don’t think I’m ever in one.

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Snoring, it penetrates my deepest sleep and wakes me up on the war path. I sleep with ear plugs just in case my husband or I snort in our sleep.

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Funny thing, Glenn Miller couldn’t do it, Dave Brubeck however….
My cell phone alarm does a very good job at it every morning, it is quite effective.
So effective by the way, that i woke up a second time (although already awake) when my neighbour’s phone rang when i met her in the hall of our apartment building.

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A physical rousing or my celly going off. Like @ChazMaz, once I get sleep then most sounds become part of my dreams which is really annoying.

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An “invasion” of my space (i.e. someone walking through the bedroom door) or physical touch.
If I’m out from weed or alcohol, only having to pee will wake me lol

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It takes me about an hour to wake up. I envy people who can turn off the alarm, be fully awake, and spring out of bed. I sleep so deeply, waking up is a slow and gradual thing. I just lie there in a dozing state. I need to build-in extra time for this morning journey between sleep and consciousness, but it actually feels great. During that hour, I’m sleepy enough to experience complete peace and tranquility, but awake enough to be aware and enjoy it.

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I sleep like a rock for the 1st few minutes. Then, the slightest change in air pressue, the quietist whisper, will wake me up.

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@lucillelucillelucille Looks like animal from the muppets.If he woke me bashing like that i’d be forced into ramming those sticks where de sun don’t shine, oh yeah.

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The alarm clock seems to work just fine…’‘glares at it’’

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I have slept through the dog barking, and people banging on the door, but the slightest sound from one of my grandsons wakes me up.

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Any sound that doesn’t “belong” has me awake and armed.

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I’m a pretty light sleeper, years of living in the woods has fine tuned my radar, always have one ear open for the midnight forest sounds, some of which come through the cat door, especially on hot summer nights.

Last summer I had a bear huffing around my house….now that was scary, imagined seeing a big paw coming through the kitty door…haha

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I sleep very soundly. Sounds do not wake me, even tornadoes. Touch wakes me easier than sound.

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if i was in a deep sleep you would have to chuck a cold glass of water over me or even a bucket of water x hehe

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I was very, very tired last night – a situation that usually requires a major natural disaster to get me up…. but I woke up around 4:30 to find a cricket on my face. I became alert rather quickly.

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For the initial few hours of sleep nothing much would wake me, but after that if one of my dogs starts snoring / moving about in the bedroom I will be wide awake immediately.
Then I won’t be able to get back to sleep.

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My ex husband slept like the dead..OMG that guy!

When we were first married an ambulance pulled right up under our window in the courtyard of out apartment building for an elderly persons emergency…lights flashing, siren blaring, he didn’t even wake up! He could sleep right through the loudest alarm clocks…I, of course, was in charge of getting his ass out of bed forever…probably contributed to my light sleeping habits as I always knew I would be on my own if it came to defending us from an intruder.

No whispering ’ honey I think I hear someone downstairs’ nope…we’d have all been dead by the time I woke him up. haha

One of the great emancipations when I divorced him, I havn’t woken up to an alram clock in 7 years now…joy, joy, joy to the 10th power! lol

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