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Anyone out there know if Robert Plant is singing Zeppelin and Honeydrippers on his new tour?

Asked by JLeslie (56615points) May 27th, 2010

Robert Plant is actually going to be in my city on his American tour! I can hardly believe it. Before I buy the tickets I wanted to know if he is playing some of his older music, but was not able to figure it out with my quick search on the web. Did anyone out there see him in Europe recently, how was the concert?

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Ooh! I love Robert Plant. Do you know whether he’s touring with Jimmy Page? These guys are in their 60’s, and they still rock with a passion.

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Here it says that “The two (Plant and Kraus) have been known to dip into the Zeppelin back catalogue in concert. And remember that at Bonnaroo they’ll be appearing alongside Lez Zeppelin, so that’s plenty of Zep bang for your buck, right?”

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He will do Zep tunes at all shows for the rest of his life

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@evandad Anything except “Stairway to Heaven” (or, as he calls it, “that wedding song”)

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@Primobabe – I don’t blame him. It’s awful.

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@evandad “It’s awful” (?) Move along now please.
Written when he (Plant) was 22/23. And now a massive and ever enduring anthem.

You are but a gnat trying to bite an elephant!

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