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What do you think about women who smoke the occasional cigar?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) May 27th, 2010

I remember when I was a young adult, my reaction to seeing a woman smoking a cigar. I thought she was unladylike and tough, and a bunch of other things I won’t say here. Back then, I associated cigars with poker-playing, beer drinking men. I had no other context for such an image. Years later, I view things differently. Depending on the context, a women smoking a cigar can be viewed as a person of power, independence, and self-assurance. Someone who doesn’t limit pleasure to behaviors associated with gender stereotypes.

Forget about the health issues for a second. What’s your reaction / response to these women?

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It looks like they’re having a good time.

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I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I do smoke the occasional cigar.
Occasional as in, I’ve only smoked maybe 4–5 in the past 2 years or so.
Most of the time, it’s with the same friend because he likes cigars.
There is some sort of a high that you can get from smoking them – not a strong one – but I find it to be relaxing, but then again, I only smoke them when I’m trying to relax anyway. The last time was in a jacuzzi with a margarita in my hand so as @bob_ said, we were having a good time.

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Here’s my reaction to anyone—male or female—who’s smoking a cigar: Yuck!

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Ack – I’d be thinking “wouldn’t want to kiss that!”

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I love the smell of cigar smoke but i hate the tase of it. its very strange. I do smoke cigarettes but do not like cigars. love it when other people smoke them though!

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* Note to self: make sure to bring cigars for next visit to LA. *

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Disgusting. Smoking is just gross.

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First time i saw a woman smoke a cigar on tv (the artist Marte Röling) it reminded me of women who wear neckties (and a bit of the woman with the beard on a freak show).
There is a Women Cigar Cooperative in Amsterdam whose members are some business women. No website :-(
There are some pictures of them. (scroll down to two third of the page)

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I think it’s fine , esp if they’re doing it alone at home. If they ONLY do it in public , I think they’re seeking attention, which is ok too.

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It’s hot.

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It doesn’t matter the sex of the person for me. Cigars are disgusting. If that is your pleasure though, male or female then okay

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They look like they know things. They also look like they would be a little more willing to try things. I could see myself dating a girl like that. Hair pullers. YAY!

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I think of it the same way as when I see someone in a blue shirt. Nothing much to it. ‘There is a person, that person is smoking a cigar’- is about as far as I get without more data.

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They should try it with a good single malt scotch

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What else might she put in her mouth?

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It doesn’t bother me in the least. The biggest problem is finding a place to smoke it without being harassed.

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Women should stay in the kitchen where they belong! They don’t need be powerful or have self-confidence or even appear that way!

I’m just kidding….lol. But seriously, besides the fact that it makes your breath smell and no one wants to kiss that gross mouth, women that appear independent and powerful seem to turn me on for some reason. I have a fantasy of doing a hard-charging business women in a highrise office…...

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It’s over rated and silly. So many other “items” that would much more pleasant to put in your mouth and try and look cool with. I’ll take a chick with a carpenters pencil, paint brush or 10 penny nails in her teeth over a cigar any day. Don’t get me started on sea food or desserts!! ;)

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I think anyone smoking anything, regardless of gender or substance, has no respect for their body and is adhereing to ridiculous social constructs that a way out of date (unless of course they are addicted from way back when it was socially acceptable). I have a particular distaste for people that smoke in public places where there is no way for me to avoid their cancer cloud.

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I think of Groucho Marx.Especially if they have a big honkin’ mustache.

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Every guy thinks the same thing: That’s what she looks like when she’s giving head.

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@filmfann – wow! I didn’t think the penis was so small! Go figure!

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I think they are increasing their chances to contract mouth and/or throat cancer.

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@prolificus You haven’t seen those fat Cuesta-Rays?

I’ve never smoked cigarettes at all…tasted a fine cigar a few times…but, I’m not a smoker. I enjoy the aroma of a good one. End of story.

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I won’t lie, it really turns me on. I’ve offered a few girls an Eileen’s Dream by CAO as I often have a few on me for various spontaneous occasions. And I usually find myself chewing on my own a bit more often, when one joins me. Something about I don’t know.

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If I forget about the health issues, I find it sexy.

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Doesn’t matter to me whether man or woman. As long as they’re not near for me to to smell it I don’t care.

Man or woman, just stay far away from me with that horrid disgusting smell. Ewww

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So if it’s acceptable and even sexy, would you guys light her up in front of mom or dad?

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@GrumpyGram – Yes. But then again, I’m a smoker, so it would be no shock. My mom would then tell me to go away with it because she can’t stand the smell. ;)

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I applaud them!

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