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Whats up with my spearmint?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34489points) May 27th, 2010

I planted some spearmint recently and its been starting to grow nicely. I have next to no experience with plants so this may be something obvious that I am overlooking.

Anywho, it seems as if I have 2 different plants growing. The ones in the front look like what i would imagine baby spearmint to look like, the tall one in the back and middle however, im not sure what the hell is goin on there.

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Careful with mint in the garden. It can be invasive.

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That’s what I hear. I plan on keeping it in the pot.

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I have spearmint too.I think the other plants are just weeds.Good thing yours is in a pot.Mine has gone wild!lol

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Ahhh see, something totally obvious i was over looking. Ill pull them tomorrow if thats the case.

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hmmm thinking on this weed theory how exactly would they get there. I mean I’ve had the pot inside until a couple days ago and they have been growing for about a week or two. I mean if the pot was outside I can understand how the weeds could be introduced to the soil and what not, but if they just randomly started growing in this potting soil that has been isolated from the outside world wouldnt that be some sort of spontaneous generation thing?

Am i over thinking this?

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@uberbatman -Sometimes the seeds can already be in the soil and just now germinated or maybe you got a real quick one when you put it outside…It doesn’t look like spearmint to me :)

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No, this was growing prior to going outside.

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Mint plants have square stems. If your mystery plant has a round stem, it’s probably a weed. Otherwise, maybe it’s another kind of mint?

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@hannahsugs ok, but how exactly did it get there?

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no idea! I’m not a gardener, I just happen to know one random fact about mint plants.

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The other “plant’ the tall ones look like crab grass to me.

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