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what is a black hole

Asked by spike (4points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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None knows for sure,but there are some theories:

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Oh, so many answers come to mind…

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I think its self explanitory.

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I agree with the above poster

Its a hole that’s black

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When a very large star dies, the matter in it starts to collapse. If there is enough mass, the force of gravity on the mass is stronger than any force that would push “out” to counter-balance the gravity. So the mass keeps on collapsing, until it has practically no radius (it’s a minuscule point, called the singularity). This means that anything that “falls in” to the range in which the black hole exerts its gravitational force can never get out again, even light.

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Even more dense than George W Bush supporters.

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the most strongest gravitational force in the universe sucks in anything
and no one knows where it goes
like girls the most strongest gravitational force in the universe

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