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I've used 3.1 GB of data this month my iPhone data plan covers that right?

Asked by BravesFan (12points) May 27th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m kinda nervous because I’ve gotton high bills before and I’ve heard rumors of data bills even on the unlimited

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Yes, it does.

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I don’t know which carriers these rumors referenced, but ATT is definitely unlimited for data.

Phone calls during peak times is another matter altogether.

But if you’re on ATT and paying the extra $30 for the data plan you have nothing to worry about.
I rarely use my laptop anymore for Internet as I totally use my iPhone and have never encountered a single extra charge for Internet data.

I don’t know that they even track it. Other companies may fudge around about data plans but ATT means it when they say unlimited.

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3.1GB is a fair whack of data to push through the iPhone. Have a look at your customer contract that you signed and see if there is fair usage policies or anything. Also, if you used your iPhone as a tether for a laptop, this can accrue additional charges.

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I was going to mention something about that, but then remembered that doing so would necessitate jailbreakong the phone, if it would work at all.

And that’s another can of worms altogether.

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@Buttonstc you can tether without jailbreaking. Via Bluetooth/USB.

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Wow. I was unaware of that. It must be fairly recent since everything I read when I first got my iPhone was lamenting the fact it couldn’t be done.

I was extremely interested at the time since it seemed ridiculous to me to be paying both ATT and Comcast for the same thing.

However, now that I’ve moved somewhere with wifi acces included in the rent, I really didn’t keep up with development since it’s now a moot point for me.

But, good to know for future reference.

What additional equipment purchase would be necessary to use tethering ?

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should’ve got a droid, lol

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@Buttonstc No extra equipment required. Just Bluetooth on your laptop or the USB cable to connect your laptop to the iPhone.

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