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I'm leaving in two weeks for the summer, should I tell the guy I like him now or wait till I get back?

Asked by water123 (13points) May 28th, 2010

Ive started to like a freind, and I think he may like me as well. The thing is in two weeks I am leaving town and wont be back until the end of summer. Would it be better to wait until I get back to ask if hes interested or should I do that before I leave? I will be gone for two months, and if so how should I go about informing him I like him?

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Why not tell him now, then he will have time to think about what you have said, and either react positively towards you, or if he rejects you, you will have time to get over him.

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Go to camp or wherever and have a good time. When school starts, if you still like him, let him know then. You may meet someone during the summer you like.

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what do you WANT to do?

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All good answers above. However it may hamper your vaction fun if you are wondering what he is doing all summer long. I had a friend who told a girl he liked when he went away for the summer to start school in the Airforce Academy (scholarship program). She told him that she liked him as well. He was only gone 2 weeks when she fell for someone else knew she met. Meanwhile, he was missing her so bad that he headed home early only to have his heart broken in person and lose his scholarship.
Enjoy your life without strings while you can. If your meant to be, he will still be available when you get home. Right now you simply like him so there is nothing to say you won’t find someone else more fascinating like @perspicacious mentioned.

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Telling him before you leave is more dramatic. I guess that depends whether you think he’d like you or not if he’d be mad or not. I mean, wouldn’t you be mad if a guy you liked told you he liked you and then went on vacation?

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Tell him, feelings for someone should never be kept from them.

I failed to tell someone how I felt, never seen them again, and have regretted it for years.

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Why tell him now when there’s nothing you can much do with those feelings? What if you tell him and then he starts liking someone else and you don’t? What if you fall for someone else at camp? What if you can’t have as much fun at camp because you’re so focused on the 2 weeks of great fun? It just seems unnecessarily cruel for all parties.

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Tell him that you are going away on a planned trip…and, when you get back, if both of you remain available, that you’d like to see more of him. That’s up front and positive, I’d think…not leading him on…just being straight.

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I am leaving for camp at the end of June and wont be back until September. We are both finishing our senior year at highschool with graduation comming up in a few weeks. I would like to know guys opinions on how you would feel if a girl told you she liked you, and then went away for two months. Would you be glad that she told you, and if you were interested wait for summer to end? Or would you be upest she told you right before she left? Or would you rather not know until she gets back that way if you were both interested something could happen?

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I would want to know.

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