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Do most nations produce novels?

Asked by LostInParadise (25507points) May 28th, 2010

I know someone of Korean descent who claimed that there is little in Korean culture beyond cuisine. That got me to thinking about the world in general, and I figured I would limit things to written work.

Are there Korean novelists? What about other Asian countries other than Japan and India? Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world. Do they produce novels? I suppose smaller or poorer countries may have fewer writers. I would guess that there are Chinese writers, though they may have censorship problems. Do all European countries produce literature in one form or another? Are there works in Finnish or Latvian? I know there are Nigerian writers. What about the rest of Africa? There is some great literature from Latin America. Does this include Bolivia or Paraguay?

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I didn’t want your poor question to become an orphan so I just spent some time searching on Several novels and anthologies came up from a search on “Korean fiction” and some came up for a search on “Indonesian fiction.” (Korean-American fiction was listed separately.) You could serach this way for other countries if you wish but I imagine most countries do produce novelists. The only exceptions I would imagine might be some extremely repressive totalitarian countries such as Myanmar, but even there, there might be an underground press.

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@janbb – Amazon lists Korean novels under “Indonesian fiction”?

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Har!har! As my English BIL would say, “You know what I bloody meant.”

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I bloody didn’t, actually, but I see my error.

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Yes, I was following the OP’s question re: countries and it was the novels and anothologies that came up under each country’s search not Korean novvels and anthologies under Indonesian. I was a wee bit miffed at the misunderstanding since I had put some work into what I thought was a good answer, but s’o.k.

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Well it was a good answer – I just read it wrong. Mea culpa/thanks.

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Now just say Three Hail Marys and you can go with G-d.

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um oh gosh I don’t know how but I will look it up.

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As far as I know there are no Saudi-arabian novelist publishing in Saudi Arabia.

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