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What happens if a hurricane hits the oil spill?

Asked by xxii (3321points) May 28th, 2010

The government has sent out a warning of the worst hurricane season since 2005, which is when Hurricane Katrina hit.

Whether this is accurate or fearmongering (let’s not get into that), the Gulf of Mexico is a risky area for hurricanes. And if you look at the map provided on that link, pretty bad hurricanes have hit the same area as the oil spill in the past. What’s going to happen if a hurricane hits the oil spill?

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It will cause very wide dispersal of the surface oil, but we have no experience with those gigantic plumes they are discovering under the sea, so it’s anyone’s guess.

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The gulf turns into one big salad bowl.

On advantage is instead of the winds going West to East in the past. It will be going East to West.
So Mexico will probably get it all.

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It will be referred to historically as “The First Great Oilcane” and “The Oilcane of 2010”.

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Needless to say, the results are unpredictable, since this has never happened before. the oil could be carried for many miles deep into the interior of the United States.

To be prepared, i would buy several bottles of 409 to be ready for a cleanup effort.

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It actually might be a good thing in terms of the oil washing up on shore. It causes so much water movement that it would disperse the oil very widely.

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I agree with @john65pennington I can only imagine where ever that hurricane then goes will shower those areas in oil and we will have an even bigger mess on our hands! Yuck!

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I wonder if a hurricane would cause the underwater oil to surface, or if it would push the surface oil underwater…

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“What happens if a hurricane hits the oil spill?”
Obama gets blamed for it.

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I believe the term the shit hitting the fan would be relevant here, probably.

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Or in this case, more like fan hitting the shit.

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@marinelife‘s answer is correct insofar as surface oil goes.

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There would be oil rain over a large area.

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Look for unusually large numbers of amateur productions of “Grease”

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NOAA has a FAQ on this very question here…

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