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Was it just the non-hockey fans that were surprised that a hockey player loses 7 teeth and comes back in the same game?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) May 28th, 2010

A San Jose player caught a puck in the mouth and had 7 teeth knocked out. He went to the dressing room for some quick repairs and then came back out to skate. Is it mainly non-hockey fans that were surprised at this? I would have been surprised if he didn’t, but I’m a hardcore hockey fan. Any thoughts? And by the way, he still can’t find four of the teeth.

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No, I’m surprised. Talk about dedication! I’d be done with hockey forever.

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If this was a regular season game: surprised. San Jose doesn’t ever have to worry about fighting for a playoff spot.

If this was a playoff game: not surprised. Would be surprised if he didn’t come back.

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I would bet that they forgot to check the puck. For the four teeth.

As a soccer fan i am more surprised at what pussies they are (the soccer players).
They should be forced to watch a game of hockey or rugby or Australian rules before they begin their matches, so they can see what real men are.

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@rebbel I hope they see your comment and check. I hadn’t thought of that. Soccer plays should be allowed into the actors award shows for all their dives.

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No, I’m not surprised at all. Hockey players are tough. If a guy were to lose his arm during a game, he just might apply a bandaid and return to play.

By the way, hockey players are also amazingly humble and likeable, probably because so many of them are Canadian.

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They are tough. But seven teeth – his trash talk must’ve sounded like This

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