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Has anyone here had personal experience with the drug Rozerem?

Asked by dpworkin (27085points) May 28th, 2010

I would appreciate it if you would share your experience with me, including its effectiveness, any unpleasant (or pleasant) effects, etc.

I object to restricting the type of responses people are allowed to post, so I am placing this in the “Social” section, but I would be grateful if you would respect the serious nature of the question.

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I’ve taken Rozerem. It worked okay but was a bit weak to really combat my mania-induced insomnia. Any grogginess was quickly dispelled by a cup of strong coffee the next morning. No odd food cravings (I’m looking at you seroquel). I did have odd dreams- not as bad as Lunesta though.

I’d say if someone has mild/moderate issues then it would be a good bet. For severe cases a stronger pill/sedative would be required.

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Thanks. Were the dreams disturbing, or just unusual?

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@dpworkin Just oddly vivid- enough that I talked in my sleep. Hubbs found it hilarious though, so there is that. Nothing like the night terrors and paralyzing limbs of Lunesta. Rozerem dreams were just so real to me. They were brighter, more colorful and apparently full of people for me converse with.

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Thanks again. Sounds tolerable. I took my first one tonight.

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