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If you are deaf only in 1 ear, and you were to use headphones, would you insert both ear buds or just one?

Asked by mcbealer (10229points) March 15th, 2008

Serious replies only, no disrespect intended for the hearing impaired community- I am truly interested in knowing.

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Both. Otherwise people might think I can easily hear them, and this way I would be indicating “you’ll need to attract my attention first” (obviously, it’s not very social, but that’s certainly not uncommon).
Not that I have a hearing problem, but that’s what I’d do.

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@Evert I know what you mean! Also, have you ever had this happen: you’re clearly wearing headphones and people walk right up to you and just start blabbing.

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@mcbealer: When I’m around those kinds of people is usually why I wear headphones to begin with.

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Both to draw attention away. Nothing appears to be any different about you.

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I used headphone for cochlear implant but I would use special wire plug in my ear thing til I get a nucleus freedom on 27th. I’m exciting about it. I’m deaf in both ear and i only hear in one ear.

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I would use one ear bud.

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I’d say go for two. For the first reason explained. As a hearing person, I usually walk up to a cashier with one on when I approach to signal that I am listening to them. The reverse, I know Deaf people who put headphones in both ears in work environments to signal that you need to get their attention by a means other than aurally.

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Both, ear plugs stay in better that way.

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that’s easy none! If I only had the use of one ear I would not take the chance of damaging my one and only ear. Ear buds concerts or loud people no thank you!

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I am partially deaf in one ear (can only hear bass) I usually put on both so that people know that I can’t hear them. Though when I go to clubs and concert I only use one ear plug to protect my good ear.

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Both or else you have one hanging under your chin.

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