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I started this morning in denver and am now in eastern kansas and my ears wont pop. i cant hear myself talk. what do i do?

Asked by deni (22665points) May 28th, 2010

I had a sore throat the past three days. Woke up from a nap just now and i cant hear a thing. I tried to close my nose and blow air out of it but i dont want to blow an eardrum and go deaf. This is really frustrating, can anyone help?

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Try swallowing a lot. Maybe chewing gum will help that happen. It will get better. This happens sometimes also from plane rides, and it always eventually pops.

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Make sure you’re hydrated. Also- put a finger in your ear, open your mouth, and wiggle the finger around while opening and closing your jaw. You just need to get some movement- not tunnel to Bora Bora.

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To equalize the pressures, you may need to use a topical nasal spray or a decongestant tablet whuch is much slower, Then the pinch nose and blow out through it method should work very well. It’s what divers regularly use.

Good luck!

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not only pressure that causes u hearing problems but the pressure can also trigger the ear wax to come out in your ear external canal and according to your duration of time the ear wax are probably dried up in your ears and that causes you hearing problems too. get yourself some Peroxide and give it a small drop in the ear. and if thats not the case still u got nothing to lose by cleaning your ears with them preoxide:)

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Yawn and wiggle your jaw and I’m sure you have already pulled on your ear and if that doesn’t work go get a decongestant pronto!

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Put some mineral oil or olive oil in each ear before bed, then plug the ear with cotton swabs. That should soften the wax and make it more likely to “pop” and drain properly. If after a few days nothing has happened, go see your doctor. Your doctor can either flush your ears with a syringe of water or scoop the wax out with a curette. Either way, they’ll want you to use mineral oil or olive oil in your ears for a few days to make sure the wax is soft and isn’t stuck to the eardrum (which can cause the eardrum to puncture when the wax is removed).

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You can try an antihistamine, nasal spray like afrin, and chew gum. It might take a day or so to go away. I know it is frustrating.

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I find that relief comes when I take a long, hot shower, or spend time in the jacuzzi.

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You may be looking at an inflammation somewhere, and not a pressure issue.

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thanks for the advice guys! my phone died right after i asked this and i couldn’t charge it since i was in the car for the next 18 hours still….i took a nap around 2 am and when i woke up it had gone away. which was great. i tried everything and nothing worked and i was getting scared. we were doing 75 on the highway with the windows down and i couldn’t even hear the wind tunneling through the car. glad thats over.

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