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If you have a personal path, how do you stay on it?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) May 28th, 2010

It’s so easy to get lost in ego on a daily basis. How do you stay on your path of self growth?

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I wander on and off it and all around it.

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Try to see the bigger picture….

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Accept the transient nature of all things. Nothing remains the same and self forgiveness is tantamount when one slips into unconsciousness which is inevitable, but…it’s all in the catch. Where once it was a state of being, now it is a mere passing through.

If you catch yourself even one time a day, thats progress. ;-)

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Whatever path you’re taking IS your personal path!

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In response to staying on my path of self growth, I personally find that monitoring my thoughts and words and journaling my experiences helps to remind me of my progress. There’s nothing like reading over past lessons learned from experiences mistakes to remind you of ways to make better choices for yourself.

Lately, I have been catching myself in obsessive thinking. why didn’t this person call me And I try to correct it by replacing it with something positive bless them for not calling me, they are not supportive of my growth

When I do wander off the path, I remember where I was going and try to find my way back as soon as I realize it. Wandering off to me means repeating behaviors not beneficial to my growth, i.e. unhealthy relationships, etc. I just keep reminding myself to get back on the proverbial saddle and start riding again.

Basically, you are “stalking” your own thoughts. The beta mind tends to ramble on if you let it. You have to retrain yourself to think in more productive, positive ways.

I read a lot too, not just books but I have certain bloggers, and I am in spiritually supportive email groups that keep me reminded of my own inner strength and ways to cultivate my inner power.

Basically, it is like a job but one that gives great benefits :)

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@iLove A job by which everyone should be employed!

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I feel that just by living, you’re on that path regardless of what you can or can’t sense about your current situation, and you will learn what you need to learn when you learn it.

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I have always called it my page. When I don’t feel at peace, I have usually slipped off. I get up, make adjustments, and get back on it.

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Yes, watching our minds is huge, it IS all in how we choose to think and percieve everything. The half empty half full conundrum.

I always choose to focus on the positive, even if it’s a reach, I will find the positive spin and run with it. lol

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I’m not rigid, I allow myself some freedom, that way when I find myself on the wrong road I just ease myself back over to my lane without causing a major pile up for myself and those around me. I just do the best I can and I try not to let my head swell so much I block traffic.

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