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How do I send a private message to a fellow Flutherer?

Asked by Primobabe (1652points) May 28th, 2010

I’ve search the website, yet I remain clueless. I’ve received private messages from other Fluther members, so I know that this is do-able. How can I do(able) this?

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Click on the link under their avatar or search for them in the search box to get to their profile. You can leave a comment for them in the “Comment” box. The default is “marked as private’. If you don’t want it to be private, uncheck that box.

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Or after you can type in /users/<member’s account name>.
Then just scroll down to where it says *Leave a comment” and do just that.

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What my kids said ^^ plus:

If you’d like to alert them to it, or even better, ask them first in the thread before jumping into their private space: we call it PM and PMing (for Private or Personal Message).

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