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How's about a fourth, uncensored category - like the chatroom - unmodded, anything goes - Warning: 18 and over - category?

Asked by zenele (8252points) May 28th, 2010

I asked it in a thread but I guess the founders and mods missed it.

NSFW category? Unmodded? Uncensored? Uh, American?

What sayeth thou?

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I suggested a Food Fight button be placed next to Meta. I guess they missed that too.~

You can open an Answerbag™ account and do the same thing; just squeeze your question in among the “lulz, is i pregnint?” stuff. :^D

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I like the foodfight button name.

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I am not in favour of this. There are other places for such discussions. It seems to belong elsewhere.

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@Dr_Lawrence 4 buttons, 4 choices.

If you don’t like porn, e.g., you can’t make it go away from your video store. (But we are making the video stores go away, but that’s a tech question). You simply shop in the Action/Adventure or Kiddies section.

When you buy a newspaper from the vendor – there’s a Hustler in your face, right?

Hey – it’s -America—the Internet.

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I personally don’t care for it. I think we enough scope to be “bad ” in Social.

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But could we have sex right here? On the floor? Right now – with swear words and all? I think we’d get modded.

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Modded in Meta? Kinky – i like it!

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The chat room isn’t unmodded. It even has extra special mods just for it. So you want a thread category, sorry, with more mods? Is that what I’m hearing? There’s something about the CIA you can check out…

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@EmpressPixie Not everyone attends the chatrooms. Plus, the convos there are instant – here they can be continued endlessly… people can refer to one another, or several jellies, at the same time… many difs between this and chat… or it would be a fluther chat site.

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A section that was completely un-moderated? No way. I would hate that (and would have hated it before I ever became a mod, too). The moderation of this site is a big part of its appeal… it’s part of what makes it different than other sites.

Cussing is allowed here, damn it. In any fucking section. :P
Frank sexual discussion happens here all the time, too. That stuff doesn’t get modded away, so I don’t see a need for a separate category for that. But an un-moderated section would invite personal attacks, flame wars, propaganda, spam… all sorts of unpleasant stuff. That’s no good, and doesn’t match the site’s culture.

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@augustlan But it would allow a place for those interested in unmodded debate – even if it occasionally flames. It’s democratic and free-speech like. Aren’t we adults? Can’t we decide when and where to fight verbally – here, or in real life?

Besides, I’d rather limit the cussing and sexually explicit stuff to an 18 and over place rather than have all that in any thread, as you mentioned it is possible. There are 13 year olds here.

Just a thought. I’m not even pro or con, yet. I just thought of it.

As you may recall, I have said over and over how this place is much better than wis or other places that went unmodded. I’d rather it as is than the alternative. I was merely suggesting an alternative, 18 and over thread.

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How do you verify that someone is 18? I was clicking the box saying I was 18 when I was 16 to look at porn.

I guess they could make you pay with a credit card to prove you are 18 or smart enough to borrow your parents card while dad is passed out on the couch.

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@johnpowell My point exactly., where we cam from over a year ago was completely unmoderated, but specified that it wasn’t for minors. There was one “category” – it’s different there – that was for 18 and over.

Basically, all porn and such on the net is accessible for anyone. If you are online, your kids could be too. Why would flutehr be any different.

If I can talk explicitly about sex here, say, I’d like so and sop to give me a blow job and I am fond of anal sex; or if one can say the seven words you can’t say on television here, namely, shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker and tits (and tits doesn’t even belong on the list) – then why shouldn’t there be a way to FIGHT, ARGUE, DEBATE OR ASK A QUESTION WITHOUT FEAR OF MODERATION?

Just a thought. Now, I’m starting to defend it.

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Hells to the no.
That is all.

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I’m not sure where this fear of moderation comes from. If you cross (a moving line depending on the mod at the time) they delete it. It isn’t the end of the world if something is removed. It takes a lot to get your account banned. I have spewed tons of shit over the last 3 years and have got (0) warnings from the mods.

I offered to pay 20$ to someone if they never posted again.

There isn’t a three strikes and you are out rule.

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@jp – I have no fear of mods – I respect them and like them as people first and foremost, and thank them constantly for doing voluntarily that which I won’t – and thus keeping this site going. It’s an idea about a button – and notice there’s room for 4 more there – taking you into a section that would be unmodded – or as was said above – the foodfight room.

I personally do not get attacked often. I flag once in a while, I’m sure I get flagged too. I’l swear now and then, debate this and that. It’s just an idea for a place that would allow ANYTHING to happen, unmodded. And it was just a thought. Now I’m really starting to think it’s worthwhile exploring.

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@zenele You seem to be the only one in favor of it at the moment.

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As Dennis Leary called his album “Everyone who isn’t me Sucks…”

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For once, I completely agree with you! :-)

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Lurve ya Janele

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This is a question and answer site, not a porn site.

I personally like the idea (being under 18) that I can legally access everything on one site for once, and this would totally screw things over for a lot of the younger folk that access this site on a regular basis.

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@dverhey It has nothing to do with porn – it has to do with being able to disagree – and flame into a fight if it happens – wiothout all of the comments being removed. And hey – I didn’t ask how old you are and you can click the button just like you faked the i.d. to drink.

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@zenele I know. It’s more of the compromise of the rest of the site that gets me. I mean, most people come here for a moderated question and answer experience without all the bullshit from something unmoderated like Askville. Or at least I do.

I do also think that if we had a section of Fluther where we could do/say whatever the hell we want it would very quickly spill over into the other sections of the site.

Also, if it’s just a place to flame into a fight, why make it 18 and over in the first place?

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@dverhey I like the way you think and express yourself. I agree – it should be a foodfight button for all ages.

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I’d be fine with it, however all the myriad people who got all up-in-arms about @dpworkin’s “what you wish you had said” thread would have a shit-fit if their names were ever mentioned in the non-mod forum.

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I am not in favor.

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We have too many people with “keyboard Tourettes” in chat…. maybe there should be a place for them to gather.

Response moderated
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@talljasperman: That was a good enough answer to dupe it. I too am against any more bells and bows.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why openly invite people to fight in one area? And can you honestly expect it not to carry over into the other sections? If Jon and Sue get into a heated fight in the “foodfight” section, how likely to you think they are to respect each other it the other sections as well? Once things have been said, it’s nearly impossible to take them back.
I see this just distracting from what futher is really for.

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@Seaofclouds If we went a couple of rounds in a ring, even no holds barred, would it mean we couldn’t be civilized outside the ring?

There is an unmodded chatroom – where people can say anything they want – that doesn’t spill over into the threads.

Are you saying that people have no self-control?

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@zenele Too many people can’t make the mental separation. I think it would carry over into the modded threads. It would be better if such a forum were a completely separate site, such sites already exist.

I even refuse to debate on Fluther, not wanting to show my ugly side in these surroundings. I get vicious in debates, then regret doing it.

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Y’know, I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but I very rarely remember the people involved in the debates. I remember what is said and the arguments put forth, but if I run across someone I disagreed with on another thread, I don’t immediately think “Oh, that’s the dummy that didn’t believe…” The debate just stays where it is. In the thread. Of course, I’m best friends with someone who is probably my polar opposite, as far as hot-point issues go… So there you go.

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@zenele As @EmpressPixie said up there, the chatroom is not un-moderated. The chatrooms actually have more moderators than the site does, since all site mods are also chat mods, plus we have several chat-only mods. People are not free to flame or personally attack or spam or spew racism in there. The mods routinely kick people out of chat for a variety of reasons.

While the chatroom is best suited for 18+ folks (which is why I don’t let my kids use the chatroom), the younger jellies are not prevented from entering and it is not a free-for-all.

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@chels Is that your final answer?

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@augustlan There’s a chat that states: uncensored, which is what I’ve been talking about.

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@zenele It’s uncensored as far as inappropriate content for the under 18 crowd. That doesn’t mean it’s not moderated. It’s still not “anything goes”.

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@augustlan I did not know that.

Maybe there is a place for a fourth category, after all. Hmmm.

Althought you know what I truly feel about it, as based on my time spent here, and recent comment about chatrooms.

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@zenele: Tell us how you really feel.

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@zenele – I think that’s a great idea! A question-and-answer format is much more conducive to spurring conversation that just throwing everyone into a chat window and waiting for a conversation to start spontaneously. Although, I don’t think it should be totally un-modded—spam and personal attacks still need to be Removed by Fluther Moderators post haste.

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