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Do men and women still wear perfume or cologne? or, is this "out of style"?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) May 29th, 2010

When i use to go to roll call each morning, you could smell all different types of cologne on the freshly-shaven police officers. now, there is no smell. i use to smell perfume on women all the time and now that’s gone. i use to see television ads for perfume and cologne and now thats gone. what happened? Question: do men and women still wear perfume and cologne, or is this “out of style”?

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I wear perfume almost daily:)
I like it

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Morning Lucy. thanks.

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I wear perfume daily, always have (over 30 here)
My partner wears cologne daily, always has (he’s over 30)

One thing I suspect though is what I’ve read for a long time about our sense of smell changing as we age. I don’t want to say my own sense has lessened because I’m still sharp at picking out particular things but I do notice I don’t find perfumes and colognes as strong or offensive as I once did and when I apply to myself then I’m tempted to put more than I once did when I ws a teen or in my 20’s.

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Neizyvestnaya, never thought about cologne and the aging process. maybe, this is why i now use three squirts of after shave lotion, rather than just one. older age really sucks.

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That is quite strange. I do wear cologne. I have 5 different ones, one of them being Lacoste, my favorite one!

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Oh jesus, I can assure you that people still insist on dousing themselves with stinky chemicals. I try to avoid getting on the bus around school-starting or school-ending times, because of the roiling miasma of Axe funk which curls around the interior of the bus like a thick green bank of toxic fog. On Friday and Saturday nights, I have to gag my way down the street, getting repeatedly assaulted by skanky co-eds trailing a poisonous fogbank of chemicals, an experience roughly akin to getting gang-raped by gardenias.

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I used to be able to smell just one squirt of something all day I had rubbed on my hands and then over my body but now I catch myself trying to do the three squirt deal directly on my skin or hair. When I catch myself then I wonder how my co workers must tolerate me.

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I rarely go out without putting on perfume.
Maybe other people are just lazy.

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Perfumes and the habit to use them will never ever out of date. Beside,it’s one of women secret to become more alluring.

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I think people still wear it. I do.

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Oh gosh I couldn’t even go out of the door without wearing perfume. I would feel undressed.
I have perfumes for during the day, and my special sultry perfumes for evenings

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I have a sensitive nose. Cologne and perfume give me a headache. I like the subtle scent that comes from my favorite shampoo.

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I wonder if this is an old fashioned taught thing because I am the same but my grandmother taught me. I have scents for day and night as well as hot and cooler weather, my male partner has several scents he alternates as well.

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@Neizvestnaya It isn’t a taught thing in my case – exactly the opposite. My mum very rarely wore perfume or makeup, whereas I have to have my face done, my hair looking good, and my perfume on before I even go into the garden!!

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I just wished that (some, not all) people who are wearing perfume would stop showering themselves with it.
A little whiff can be great, but too much of it…..., for me, is equal to wear a turd in your pocket.

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Here in the ultra-p.c. ultra-socially-sensitive Pacific Northwest, where everyone who is anyone is allergic to at least five different
things and where most people are violently opposed to anything
“unnatural”, it’s become a big no-no to wear any kind of scent in order to accommodate other people who are “chemically sensitive”.

I quit wearing cologne, and I buy “fragrance free” products
like deodorant. Because I’m not used to scents any more, nowadays I too find it shocking when I encounter, for example, Drakkar Noir. My sense of smell at age 67 is going strong – right now I can smell rain coming.

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My son wears cologne, my daughter perfume.

I splash some on once in a while.

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@susanc I live in the Pacific Northwest and I wear perfume. I don’t bathe in it, though. I spray once into the air, and then walk through the mist. I love perfume. If other people don’t like it, tough.

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It’s out for the workplace.

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It isn’t polite to do in the workplace. Personally, I suffer from allergies. Nothing makes me madder than someone slathering on perfume or cologne and making me suffer all day from that. I don’t think it matters if someone is wearing perfume while theyre out on their own time, but if I’m stuck at work and my eyes are swelling because you want to smell like a pine forest.. unacceptable..
This also goes for the gym. Until I realized that some people STINK. I stood behind a man friday that smelled like he hadn’t showered in three days before he worked out for hours. Oh it was disgusting. I didn’t understand that people could naturally smell that terrible. We’re talking rotting animal carcass here, people.

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I’ve always been under the impression that scent was to be subtle, to draw people in. Not like a punch to the head from 50 feet away.

When in public, I find I’m definitely in the minority.

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Same as @jonsblond here. I’ve hated all the perfumes that I’ve smelled, and most of the perfumed lotions. It gives me a headache and I just don’t like how it smells. No boyfriend of mine will wear cologne.

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For some, perfume/cologne is part of their fashion statement. I once fantasized about an older man because of his sexy smelling cologne and developed an infatuation with him. And i was only 18.

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I wear perfume everyday. Especially when I’m going somewhere nice, a date, dinner, even to the movies. I have different perfumes for different days. I like it when a man has a nice cologne on too.

But the majority of people don’t wear a lot of perfume and cologne.

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I agree with @Divalicious It’s better to have it subtle to draw someone in.

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@ChocolateReigns We’re very different :) I love it when a guy or girl wears perfume. I like it when men wear cologne, not a lot but just enough. It makes them smell good and the scent attracts me even more to them.

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@TurdScooter The power of smell :)

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Lol….out of fashion…really?
My Dad is 58, he wears Diesel. I actually like that stuff, I have been known to pinch a bit of it.
I prefer Police or Joop. But I don’t think it’s out of fashion in the least – and I’m 35.
My kid brother who is 20 this year, likes Lacoste, so he wears some of their stuff – which he better bloody well do because I paid for it and it wasn’t cheap!
The only time I simply cannot abide people wearing perfume is when the women who are in their sixties or seventies have obviously swamped themselves in god alone knows what before going out to pensioner’s lunch or bingo, and you can smell it from three thousand yards away.

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^^^ LOL

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I have a natural scent of mother’s milk.

If I want a fragrance I use an Aveda oil in my hair.

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