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Do vegetarians get screwed at Subway?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) May 29th, 2010

I’m a vegetarian, and it’s always annoyed me that the only vegetarian option at Subway is essentially a “Nothing Sub”—for which I pay the same price as everyone else. So, for example, a person ordering a ham sub gets ham plus various vegetable toppings. When I order a vegetarian sub, I am getting a ham sub, without the ham, and paying the same price as the person ordering the ham sub.

I recall once that Subway had a special on their turkey subs, which were more than a dollar cheaper than their “vegetarian” sub. So I asked them to make me a turkey sub, hold the turkey. I was told they couldn’t do that, because then it would be a vegetarian sub and they’d have to charge me more. I argued with them about it for a while, then asked if I could get the turkey on the side. They said they could, and I simply threw the turkey in the trash.

Do you think Subway’s policies are fair?

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I’m sorry I missed the memo where it said Subway is the last fucking place on earth for a meal.

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It seems to me that either you accept the veggie sandwich as is or go elsewhere or make your own.

I assume it might be the extra avacado as that is an expensive item on most sandwich menus.

That might be where the extra dollar is coming from.

I am not a big Subway fan but have a friend who is and she always builds her own veggie sandwich and has no complaints.

Really, it’s not worth wasting energy over, either pay the dif. or keep throwing away the turkey. ( why not save the turkey and give it to your cat or dog if you have one, thats an option too and you are not wasting food that someone or something else might enjoy. )

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@Zen I’ll CC you it.

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Well it would seem their policies are not fair, so I would go elsewhere for my sandwiches.

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@Lightlyseared with a little pastrami and mustard. Ta.

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@Coloma I have never seen avocado at Subway, but perhaps that’s a regional thing. A “vegetarian sub” is exactly the same as a ham sub or a turkey sub, except that it has no ham or turkey. But you pay the same price for it, regardless. It is, as I said, essentially a “nothing sub.”

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I believe organic vegetables would be more expensive than common ingredients. If you choose to order vegetarian dishes instead of the non-vegetarian dishes they might add more veggies to the dishes and even if they add the meat it’ll would be no more than a scrap or as a topping.

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I don’t know about Subway, but I’ve certainly experienced this sort of thing at many restaurants. If a vegetarian orders a green salad with grilled salmon, hold the salmon, the price isn’t likely to change. News flash to restaurant owners—it’s the salmon, and not the mixed greens, that’s the expensive part of the meal.

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We have a subway in the next town. When I look at the prices they have, it makes me want to rage.

5€ for a sandwich. That is 10 DM!! That is simply insane.
For that money I can get a huge Döner with extra much meat and sheep cheese.

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Wife and i only order Veggie Subs from Subway. i must say this, a Veggie Sub at Subway, is not prepared to look like the photos on television or the pictures in the Subway shops. thier photos depict a subway loaded two inches high with veggies. i have never received one that looked this way. one veggie sub we ordered was flat as a pancake and we asked the manager, “wheres the beef”. manager refused to make a compromise, so we left leaving him holding the bag on two flat veggie subs.

I feel your pain.

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@john65pennington I’m guessing that your skimpy sandwich contained shredded iceberg lettuce, a few slices of mealy tomatoes, and some pickly slices.

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Primobabe, you left out two “see-through” pieces of cucumber.

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The vegetables are the most expensive ingredients on the sandwich. To have fresh yummy veggies is a huge challenge compared to meats that you just refrigerate or freeze.

@john65pennington just ask them for a handful more and they usually will oblige….at least my way they do!

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I have no idea, I can’t walk into a Subway, they all smell like a dumpster. Onions, rotted tomatoes and Pinesol. GAG

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Having worked in restaurants before I know fresh and perishable foods are expensive and more labor intensive than processed lunchmeats or preserved cheeses so it can’t be much different for a fast food place. I’ve noticed at Subways then most items are weighed or partialled out head of time with little sheets of velum or plastic but not the loose vegies so maybe some of them will on a personal basis give more if asked.

As far as entrees in restaurants being reduced because the meat part has been witheld, don’t count on that because most places, even expensive ones use a computerized ordering system and you’d need to flag down a manager with clearance who can make any adjustments. The truth is most don’t want to be bothered with special requests, they want parons who come for what’s offered on the menus they develop then advertise.

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When you choose to be vegetarian, you accept the fact that your dietary choices are going to be constrained, and fast food for the masses will be problematic. Find a hipster place to eat, and stay out of fast food restaurants. You’re not missing anything by doing so.

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I have never found Subway’s prices to be unfair. I think them charging more for veggie sandwiches and less for meat sandwiches is similar to the concept behind free coffee refills but having to pay for juice or soda refills. More people eat the meat so they can charge less without losing money.

I’ve also found that I can ask the person making my sandwich to put more toppings on it and they generally comply. I also order a shit-ton of toppings so even if they skimp, they have to give me a lot. :)

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I completely agree with you. It would be convenient (and probably a wise marketing move) for Subway to offer more vegetarian options—eggplant sandwiches, mushroom sandwiches, egg salad…

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Everybody gets screwed at Subway. Why would you pay so much for a low-quality sandwich you can probably make fresher and cheaper at home?

(I confess I eat there when there are only worse options around, but I try to avoid it.)

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Subway is not a health food store. Their food is not healthy for you to eat, it’s processed meat, and packed with chemicals. It’s a healthier choice than eating a burger and fries. The claim of being good for you is “compared to burgers and fries.”

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At my subway the veggie subs are at the lowest prices… with a group of normal subs…I’ve worked at subway and I realize that when people order meat they can’t fit that much veggies in… and when they order veg. subs they fill them to the brim with all the veggies…Banana Peppers prob cost just as much as meat,if not more….and don’t forget the service and the preperation time for the bread…I’ts a flat rate $3.29 for all basic 6 inch subs…

P.S. you can pick the turkey off the sub and huck it in the garbage bin

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I eat meat but feel Subway gives a decent value for the money charged, I have always had a consistent product from them. Does everything taste like it’s been soaked in saltwater? Well yes but…

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@Silhouette YES!!! I feel the same way. The smell of Subway literally makes me gag. I find it absolutely repulsive. Blech.

@Primobabe I was going to add a similar comment. I am not a vegetarian, but I order far more vegetarian dishes than meat dishes when going out. I am particularly fond of salads, which I always order without meat. I know that is the expensive part of the salad itself, so why I shouldn’t get a discount for that is beyond me.

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No avacado at your Subway. That would be a deal breaker for me. lol

On the rare occasion I go to Subway I always order the tuna salad with lite mayo, tomato, lettuce, avacado and pepperocini.

The California Subways have a pretty decent array of veggies, bell peppers, cukes, tomatos, black olives, avacado, cucumber….maybe they differ in geographic locations.

Like I said, I am not really a fan but the tuna salad is not bad.

I’m not a fan of McDonalds either but I did eat at McDonalds in Taipei city Taiwan a few months ago and they served their french fries with a spicey green Wasabi mayo and oh man….damn good! lol

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I never get cheese or meat on my subway sandwiches. There are tons of other things to put on there! Try the veggie delite.

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All the Subways I’ve been to charge less for vegetarian sandwiches ($5.00 for large, or $3.50 for 6 inch). They also do offer a meat-type filler: Gardenburger brand veggie patty, if you request it. I think Subway’s offerings and prices are fine. I’m more offended when their workers multitask multiple sandwiches, and they handle greasy meat in between handling your vegetarian sandwich. Or when they tuck in all your sandwich’s fixins with a filthy knife covered with the fixins of every previous customer.

Or when there’s more than 2 people in line (which means you’ll be there for half an hour).

If you ever go to Jack in the Box, order “A bowl of rice with vegetables added”. For $2.75 you’ll get a huge bowl full of steamed rice, broccoli and carrots. Ask for soy and teryaki sauce packets on the side.

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Subway does have the Veggie Max, which is a veggie patty. That being said, Subway sucks. They are skimpy as hell with the cheese and other stuff. I greatly prefer Togo’s.

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If you bring up the complaint with Subway marketing people, they’ll probably find a way to rise to the challenge and make a sandwich that you’d feel is valuable enough to order from them. Failing that, I have to agree with @zenele (again): It’s not like Subway has “the franchise” on “all subs in the world” (or even in your little part/s of it).

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I’m going to go the other way and say that a subway veggie patty sandwich with spinach, toasted, is the best damn sandwich in the place. Really. It’s delicious. I’m not even vegetarian and I get it.

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@andrew: Could you tell my boyfriend that? He seems to think that all veggie patties are weird and gross and refuses to try any of them. :P

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I recently started getting the $5 foot long veggie sub, and it is always loaded with spinach, olives, various peppers, onions , pickles, tomatoes, and other veggies that they introduce depending on the day. Its always quite filling and worth the money. Sometimes it also depends on the subway, some are more generous than others.

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Go somewhere else if you don’t like Subway’s menu. Very simple.

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It’s like that at most places. Veggie meals are so limited at many places you go, mostly at take aways though. What annoys me is that the public seem to demand that every darn meal they eat must have some sort of meat in it, i mean really….so veggie meals are not important to most places so you’re left with a pathetic choice. I just wouldn’t support them if i were you, i’d spend my money somewhere else that has a better selection.

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Yes! They make you pay extra for the avocado, which should be the alternative filling for the meat that you are not getting. Cucumbers, lettuce and peppers does not a sandwich make. You should check out Vons deli veggie sandwich, they load you up on avocado if you want it.

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Everyone gets screwed at Subway. The rolls are vile and the shops smell of bins.

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@meiosis even worse is the fact that you can smell them half way down the street.

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I think it’s kind of silly to complain about Subway’s policies being fair when admitting you tried to game their menu, but whatever.

Subway used to have a VeggieMax sub, which had a vegtable protein patty as the “meat”, it looks like a brown slap in the shape of spam with vegtable colored confetti in it, but it was actually quite good. But I don’t see it on the menu anymore, either it’s removed, or a local demand type thing now.

A small indie sandwich shop would probably serve much better veggie fare anyway, you’ll probably pay more than you wanted but eating out on a restricted diet isn’t cheap. Ever tried peanut loaf? It’s great pan fried and then put into sandwiches.

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I think meatless subs are really good, and I don’t think we’re getting screwed over any more than someone who doesn’t like tomatoes on their subs…

Also, they offer a veggie patty sort of meat alternative (at all of the Subways near me, anyway) that is really good.

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Subway was fair. If you go to Big5 to get a pair of crosstrainers I have size 13 boats but the guy with size 91/2 is goint to pay the same price as me. I feel I get a deal because I get more shoe leather for the buck. Just how it goes.

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They do not get screwed as no one is forcing them to eat there.

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I’d agree the regular ‘veggie’ sandwich at Subway is lousy and unsatisfying.
But I’d also agree you really don’t have to eat there.

Some of the Subway around here have a ‘veggie burger’ option that can be a substantial as any of the dead-animal type sandwiches, especially in the foot-long format.

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