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PMS after hysterectomy?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22627points) May 29th, 2010

For anyone else who’s had the uterus removed but kept their ovaries, do you/did you still have the typical monthly PMS stuff of swollen sore boobs and ovary tenderness?

My particular Dr. gave me the impression I’d be free from all period hassles but it doesn’t seem that way. In fact, I feel as though I’ve got worse symptoms than before (minus the bleeding).

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My best friend goes hormonal and has an emotional period, with sore nipples and all.

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Are you taking estrogen? Quit.

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No, I have my still functioning ovaries so I don’t need hormones but will consider bioidenticals when that time comes.

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I think doctors oversell the benefits of hysterectomy and gloss over the tradeoffs.

To answer your question.

If you have your ovaries, you have your hormonal highs and lows and that includes experiencing PMS symptoms.

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I have been through the same thing. I had a hysterectomy and kept my ovaries in 2006. I have had the worst PMS, with sore breasts and tender ovaries with swelling. My mood swings are crazy for almost 2 weeks, depressed, not wanting to do anything, etc. I was also under the impression that would go away. Have you tried any hormone replacements?

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@sunflower333: I was told I wouldn’t need any hormones because my own test “normal” and I have fully functioning ovaries but I am experiencing bad mood swings. I wonder how much I notice now that I don’t have the discomfort of the other stuff? Maybe I’m hypersensitive to the moods and boobs because I’m not distracted with the pain of cramps, bloating, goo and all. I’m not liking myself during this time, that’s for sure.

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