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How do I save iTunes album art to the file itself?

Asked by jonno (1062points) March 15th, 2008

I’ve downloaded album art from the iTunes store to my MP3 files, however this only stores the album art to database files in the iTunes folder. I am aware of the benefits of having the album art in this form as features like Cover Flow work quickly, but is there a way to save the album art to the file itself (the standard way) as well, so other programs can see it too?

Am happy to use an extra program, but if the feature is in iTunes itself, that would be even better.

I am working with Windows and iTunes

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To do this you must right click on each individual song or group of songs and choose ‘Get Info’. In the Info panel you can add artwork in the ‘Artwork’ pane by clicking Add and then choosing the image you want to add to the file. This takes ages.
Try iAlbumArt an application which searches Amazon and adds them to the ID3 tag.

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I’ve just found a program called iTSfv:“” that has a feature just what I wanted, only problem is is that for some reason it doesn’t let you have both iTunes database and embedded artwork, you have to use the “Get Album Art” feature within iTunes after everytime you use the program, to do that. But I guess you can’t have everything!

Thanks for the answer, bluemukaki.

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I use ID3X, which lets you batch modify ID3 tags, including the embedded image.

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When you get them from the music store, they are not saved within the file. When you add them manually trough the get info panel, the art is saved within the file.

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