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Do gel nails lift like acrylic nails do?

Asked by chasy (127points) May 29th, 2010

I used to love getting pink and white acrylics but after a week, they start to lift near the cuticle and they don’t look as nice. It’s a lot of money to spend for only a week’s worth of looking nice. Do gel nails lift like acrylics do? I’m looking for people who have had personal experience because I’ve already Googled it and there are mixed reviews. Currently, I’m getting the Shellac on my nails (new product as of May 10) and I love it but one of my nails still tore, even with the Shellac on so I think I need to stick with gel or acrylic if I want my nails to stay looking nice…I just don’t want to put up with lifting anymore.

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Gel is a lot nicer. It doesn’t really crack around the edges like the acrylic does, I guess. I take a lot of hot baths, so the gel does hold up longer. But you can still see a gap between fake-nail and real nail. :)

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The nails need to breathe. Any type of artificial nail is bad. I’d recommend letting your own grow or finding a way to live with them. Polish is not good either.

Probably not what you wanted to read.

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@meagan The gap between fake-nail and real nail doesn’t bother me as much as the acrylic actually lifting off the nail because then it looks like I have little air bubbles caught under the nail. I might try the gel…I guess if I find out it lifts, I just won’t spend any more money on it. :^P Thank you for answering!

@MissA laugh No that wasn’t really what I wanted to read, but that’s okay. :^) I have very strong nails and every single time I’ve ever gotten my nails done, they’ve grown back just as healthy as ever so I’m not too worried about them. Thank you for your answer! :^)

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are you talking about a gel manicure by OPI? if you are, i just got my first one a few days ago… no chipping, lasts 2 weeks and supposedly strengthens your nails. it’s not a tip or an extension of your nail, just a mani that lasts longer than the average then soaks off in nail polish remover.

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@Samantha_Rae I think shes talking about when you go to a nail salon, and the nice lady asks you crystal gel?
Its a special kind of way to get your acrylic nails done. The gel is supposed to be healthier for your nails. I think its supposed to help them “breathe” easier. :P

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@meagan…. i am only familiar with those horrid acrylic tips… but if she’s not looking for an extended nail, opi gel manis are the way to go!

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@Samantha_Rae and @meagan I am talking about the extended nails. :^)

@Samantha_Rae I have heard of the Axxium by OPI. Creative just came out with their version of the product, called Shellac, which I refer to in my question. The problem with that is, my nails have been cut uber short because of the one that tore and as far as I know, like the Shellac, the Axxium can’t be applied until your nail extends beyond your fingertip because they have to “cap it”. I haven’t tried the OPI gel mani yet – only the Creative. Right now, I’m just exploring my options while I wait for my nails to grow out. Thank you for your input! :^)

@meagan I don’t know if I’m talking about “crystal gel” or not, actually…what is that?

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@chasy Crystal gel just looks like any other full set of acrylic tips you’ll get. Except they coat it with this stuff that is healthier for the nail. I’ve heard you’re less prone to infection with this stuff, yadda yadda yadda.
Its just another fancy way to apply the fake nail. It costs about ten dollars extra, but its worth it. It doesn’t usually raise the nail like youre talking about. :P

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@chasy : my nails are short (most nails do not pass my finger tips) and they were able to do the OPI gel manicure without a problem :)

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@meagan Thanks for the extra info! :^)

@Samantha_Rae That’s good to know, because my nails are SO short right now!! I’ve also read online that the OPI is stronger than the Shellac.

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@Samantha_Rae Thanks for that! It must work differently than the Shellac. I’ve also read online that the OPI is stronger than the Shellac so maybe I wouldn’t have any tearing…

@meagan Thanks for the extra info! :^)

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I can’t do acrylics cuz they popped in places. i was told i have oily nail beds. i have had silk nails and like them. however not many people do them and they are expensive. i just got my first set of gel nails with tips 1.5 weeks ago. they are holding up very well, just a tiny lifting on one thumb.

it looked like the typical acrylic powder but jar was labelled gel powder. the last coat was the gel coat and dried under uv light.

i would suggest you try it!

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Thank you!! :)

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Hi,I am a licensed nail tech,first,no gel does not lift,rather it grows out,gel is a philosophy,to enable the natural nail to grow out also,therefore it is an enhancement,not a “fake” nail.also OPI is simply a brand name as is LCN or CREATIVE nail design. Shellac,is a gel POLISH not a gel does not strengthen the nail.europe is 90 percent gel nails over acrylic,advantages are:lighter weight,more natural look and feel,more flexible,natural nail grows out no need for a new set after months and no lifting. next you want to find a tech that “sculpts” using a form the additional length you desire,almost all Asian shops glue tips and then cover with gel ,also “crystal” is also just a brand,the brand name only matters to the tech,what matters to you is the skill of the person applying.also ,yes there will be a growth line ,means you are healthy your nails r growing. Gel nails require “maintenance ” as does acrylic,regular appts to rebalance and refill.cost wise the product is more expensive,thus more to the consumer,good luck,gel is beautiful and can b done in pink and white also!

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