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What is the best way to study for an exam?

Asked by mandybookworm (714points) May 29th, 2010
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I just finished my exams. I found a good way to study was to try and absorb the knowledge through different ways.
First I’d read through the study material. Then I’d take down the important notes. Then I’d read all of them aloud. Then try to rewrite them without looking.

It worked for me =]

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I think that the best way to study for an exam is first of all to create in some way the ideal conditions for you in order to concentrate.For example you must be calm and deprived of any bad or negative thoughts and try to get rid of stress,which is always present before exams.You should always eat well and healthily and do not drink too many coffees because they increase stress and tension.Make a good study plan.Study the parts you think are most important or difficult to absorb.Leave the easiest parts for the end.Keep notes of certain things that you consider complicated.

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I’m not meaning to sound snarky, but what works best for me is to not leave studying to the last few days before an exam. Keep up with (or stay ahead of) the work during the term; really learning the material as you go. That way, as finals approach, I simply review the material in a relaxed manner. The evening before a major exam, I don’t even look at the material. A nice dinner (not too heavy and no alcohol) and early to bed. I have four degrees, all a minimum of cum laude.

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Library. secluded in a corner. no ipod, no music, no cellphone, no distractions.

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The best way to study for an exam is… to know the material.

That is, stay awake, pay attention and take notes during the class / lecture;
Read the assignments and do the homework assigned;
Volunteer to answer questions that challenge you and make you think about what it is that you’re learning, and
Ask questions about things that you don’t quite get.

I seldom “studied” for exams, and usually passed them pretty easily, if I followed at least three of those four guidelines. And if I didn’t, no amount of cramming would substitute.

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The best way to study for an exam is to study with “soccer-times”;
Study for about 40/45 minutes, and then take a 10 minute break where you get up, drink some water or have a snack or whatever.. Walk around some, and then go back to studying. I think this was actually proven to be the best method. Good luck.

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Consistently over the quarter/semester. But since you are probably not a freak of nature then depending on what type of subject you are trying to learn i found that repetition worked best for short term memorizing. So, write the stuff out you are trying to learn. I mostly had essay questions and Russian test that I had to study for. So writing out terms I needed to know, or writing out grammar charts for Russian and writing vocab words out worked the best. If its more of an essay style thing, Look at the big ideas you covered over the semester and see if you can explain them in your own words. Writing it in your own words is better. Good Luck

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Know the reason why it makes sense to know about the subjects covered by the exam. Getting a good grade as a reason is not good enough.

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