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What do or did you call your grandparents?

Asked by lillycoyote (24815points) May 29th, 2010

I called mine, my mother’s parents “Gramma” and “Grampop;” I called my other grandmother “Gramom.” The kids next door call their grandparents “Mom-Mom” and “Pop-Pop.”

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Maternal: Grama, Grampa, Grampo-Grama’s last husband)
Paternal: Grama & Grampa
Step Grandparents: Grandma & Grandpas

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Paternal: Grandmother in Woodbury

Maternal: Grandmother in Lyons

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I called one of them Ma-ma – pronounced “may-may”.
And I call the other one Grams.
I never met either grandfather.

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Maternal grandmother: Por Por
Maternal grandfather: Gong Gong
Paternal grandmother: Amah
Paternal grandfather: Grandpa

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Granny & Tom, he never minded so it kind of stuck.

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Paternal : Grammy & Grandpa
Maternal : Baba & Dido (Ukrainian for grandmother & grandfather)

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Yia Yia and Papi (Greeks ya know)

Granny and Gramps (Germans)

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I had just one grandparent—my father’s mother. All of her grandchildren called her “Nana.”

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I’ve got.. Poppy, Nanny, Memaw and Pawpaw :P Can you tell, I’m from the south.

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Granny and Pa on my mothers side, Lefty and Josephine on my fathers.

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Paternal: Grandpa, and Grandma in Michigan (literally, if we weren’t with her, we’d refer to her as “grandma in michigan”
Maternal: Grandma.

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Maternal: Zayde (Yiddish for Grandpa) & Bubbe (Yiddish for Grandma)
Paternal: Saba (Hebrew for Grandpa) & Safta (Hebrew for Grandma)

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My dad’s mom: Grandma.
My mom’s mom: Nanny
My mom’s stepfather: Pop-pop

My stepfather’s parents were “Elder Brother and Sister Johnson”. Because that’s how crazy-religious they are.

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My dad’s parents both died when I was little, and my mom’s mom died when I was about 8. They were just Grandpa & Grandma ______ (fill in the blank with the appropriate last name). My mom’s dad is still alive and doing well at 91. I’m so lucky to have him living a half hour away and in good enough shape to come to our house once a week and just hang out with us. I love him.

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My sole grandparent, Nana, passed away when I was just 16. When I got married, however, I got to claim my husband’s 3 surviving grandparents as my own. That was a fun and wonderful thing. They were Grandma (maternal), Grandma (paternal), and Grandpa (paternal). The paternal grandparents had been married for about 70 years when Grandpa died.

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Grandmom and Papa

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Both pairs have always just been Nanny and Grandad with (sometimes) their first names after. For example, Grandad Allan. My Grandmothers in particular both wanted to be called something that didn’t make them sound really old and so Grandma was out of the question.

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I called my maternal grandparents Poppy and Grandma Sullivan. My paternal grandfather was never part of our lives, so I didn’t have a name for him. We called my dad’s mom Grandma Joy (her surname). We called her mom, my great-grandmother, G.G.

My kids call their paternal grandparents Noni and Papa. They call my mom just Grandma, and they call my dad Grandpa Skip. Skip has been his nickname for a long time, and that’s what he decided the kids should call him. They call my dad’s wife Grandma (first name) which always strikes me as funny because she isn’t that much older than me!

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Maternal:- Nan & pops
Paternal:- Grandma & grandad

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Thanks to everyone for all the answers. I have really enjoyed reading them. A lot of variety. And @Silhouette “Lefty?” lol. I love that one. And @marinelife That’s what you call your grandmothers to their face or just when referring to them?

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@lillycoyote I always called my paternal grandfather “Poppop” and until you posted this I’ve never heard of it used anywhere else. My daughter now calls my father “Poppop” too.

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