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What would your idea of the best/most unusual stretch vehicle be?

Asked by ucme (47028points) May 29th, 2010

I speak of the cheesy stretch limo. All kinds are now available.Which would you prefer if any, have you had the pleasure of riding in one & if so what has been the best most unusual example, maybe come up with bizarre alternatives that have yet to be converted?

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I could go for the world’s longest limousine. Yes, that is a helicopter on its own landing pad at the rear of the limousine in this picture.

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@Bluefreedom Wowser that’s longer than Top Cats.Nice to see the green cars are still as popular as ever.

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A stretched El Camino. Would be handy for taking your poles to the pole vault competition.

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Stretch vehicles (and their passengers) should be used to plug the Gulf oil leak.

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I saw a stretch tank the other day. That was pretty bizarre.

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The Stretch Hummer takes gas consumption to a whole new level.

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A normal hummer takes gas consumption to a whole new level anyway.

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I always thought a stretch Bug would rock!

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