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Which title is better?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) May 29th, 2010

I’m making a short film about someone who makes up imaginary friends. Which title do you guys like better “The Imaginer” or “Imaginer”? Other suggestions are great too!

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Sounds too close to “Imagineer” – like the Disney people.

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Haha good point i didn’t think of that, any alternate suggestions?

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Imagine all the people.
I magine.

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The Dreamer? The Fantasy Maker?

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Harvey II

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I hate to hit people over the head with titles that make the storyline obvious, but maybe that’s just me.

Why not just name it after the friends (“Friends”; “My Friends”; “Absent Friends”) or some variation on that, or something else that happens in the film, and let people figure out what the character is doing from the story?

Sometimes it’s useful to have a title in mind before you begin—I’ve imagined several titles that would be ‘interesting’ and then mocked up stories to go with those titles, but more often the story presents itself, doesn’t it? Then you just have to think of a name to give that baby. If I had a blonde child I wouldn’t name her “Blondie” or “Goldilocks”—too obvious.

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Social Butterfly

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You want the movie to be successful? Call it “Dinosaurs Vs. Dragons! The Battle for Terra!”

When they ask where the dinosaurs and dragons are, tell them you were using metaphores.

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I’m with @CyanoticWasp regarding spoilers as titles. And to suggest one that’s germane to the story but not just a statement of the basis of the plot, I’d have to see the film or at least read the script.

But something cute about the imaginary friend/s or how they impact the loves of the characters might work well. My older son, Brett, had an imaginary friend named Buzzy who lived behind the kitchen door and issued rulings on what my little tyke should be provided each morning for breakfast. Some fo Buzzy’s ideas, like a bowl of chocolate ice cream, didn’t fit very well with parental desires to provide our son a nutritious meal to begin each day.

So hoping to learn some details about this imaginary friend, so that I might be in a better position to show why his culinary suggestions were not always to ne trusted, I asked my son what Buzzy did when breakfast was over. I didn’t expect Brett to have a ready answer, but immediately replied, “He works.”

“Oh” I replied, “what sort of work does Buzzy do?”

“He works at the Flat Works on caterpillars.” Brett declared, as if he had visited the caterpillar factory many a time.

So if I were to write starting with that, I might try Fits over Fantasy Food or Invisible Friends on the Job or some such. Make it cute and catchy. And best of luck with it.

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I agree, don’t spell it out in the title. How about using the character’s name? and possibly an event in the story or a special place or time where the character goes to meet his friends? “Arabella’s Tea Party.” “Buddy’s Secret Army.” “Sam in the Afternoon.” “A Walk with Christina.”

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The Friend Maker

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Peekaboo Pete

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Piece of mind

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If you surprise people at the end of the film with the fact that the friends are imaginary, don’t spell it out.

If you make it obvious from the beginning, I’d call it “Imaginary Friends” and leave it obvious.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions guys! I’ll be sure to take them into consideration.

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@ETpro: Off-thread. The story of Brett and Buzzy warrants a children’s book (with illustrations). And how lucky you are that Brett has already provided you with the possibilities of the pun on caterpillar.

And think of the menu possibilities…steel-cut oatmeal with chocolate ice cream.

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@gailcalled Great point. And steel cut oatmeal with chocolate ice0frem sounds quite good.

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Friends of Mind

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