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I need a chat room for my website, can you help me find one?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12598points) May 29th, 2010

Hi. I’m trying to put together a chat room for my website. I’ve got one on now. What I want is one where I can use password protection. What I have now makes me enable the password protection daily. That isn’t practical for me. I’m looking for something free or low-cost.

What I’m Using Right Now: everywherefreechat

Any ideas? Thanks!

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If you’re not prepared to use DALnet or EFnet or QuakeNet or UnderNet, why not run your own IRC server? IRC has a low overhead, is secure, doesn’t exclude people with unpopular browsers, and is DESIGNED for realtime communication, while any kind of chatroom you can make with a browser is by definition an ugly kludge.

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I use this. You can see it here

You need PHP and MySQL installed on your server. 99% of them already do. If you know how to make a database you can get it going in a few minutes.

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Thanks for the suggestions :)

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@SmashTheState”... any kind of chatroom you can make with a browser is by definition an ugly kludge.” You mean like what we’re doing right here on Fluther?

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what about Meebo? They support all the big IM services and offer a chat room product that’s pretty feature rich, and by rich I mean free.

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