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This is a lost summer for businesses on the Lousiana coast. will BP have to reinburse these people?

Asked by john65pennington (29212points) May 29th, 2010

Most summer bussinesses are now stating that this summers tourist season is dead and buried. no way to survive an oil spill thats out of control with no solution in sight. the latest attempt to cap the oil spill has failed and has stopped commercial fishing in the Gulf. will BP also have to reimburse these fishermen for their lost wages, because of the spill? the next attempt to stop the oil spill by BP is this August. is this going to have a devastating effect on the wildlife in the Gulf? i know my one question has developed into three or four, but my questions need answers? once its all said and done, will BP be broke or will they file for bankrupcty and leave the coastal people of Lousiana out of jobs for years to come?

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I suspect any reimbursement or aid will be delayed, and that when it is given it will leave people wanting. It’s tempting to believe that things like this don’t happen on accident. People crave control far too much. If that’s the case then there are reasons people want the public very pissed off at BP and the oil industry in general. This could lead to some big problems concerning freedom if the use of oil was impeded as a result. Everything’s set up to be made with it. Whoever would regulate the “necessary” decline in the use of oil “for the good of the environment” would gain the added benefit of controlling the new industry. I expect to see the presented alternatives to require some less-than-desirable sacrifices, especially in the availability of patient-friendly healthcare.

But, whatever. Just a conspiracy theory. I don’t know why I bother. The expert authorities have weighed in and there are no secrets.

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i don’t know about business people, but they will have definitely have to pay off congress to keep fines as low as possible.

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It just all makes me sick at heart.

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zophu, good answer. thanks.

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In an ideal world, BP would have to compensate every person affected by the oil spill, and make major contributions to help rebuild the ecosystem it has so greatly damaged by this oil spill. I don’t know if the government will force BP to take that much responsibility. What will most likely happen is that individual businesses would have to sue BP for damages, and I can’t tell if those claims would be held up in court.

In a small vilage on the Niger Delta in Africa, Shell has set up an oil drilling plant that has irreparably damaged the environment and the lives of the people of the area. Men and women trying to make a living by fishing have found that all the large fish have died off, and the small fish they do catch are covered in oil. Shell has not been made to take responsibility for the destruction they have caused, and this has been going on for years. Hopefully things will be different in this situation because it’s happening in a place that matters to the American people (unlike Africa), but this gives you an idea of how much big oil companies can get away with. [Source: from a recent documentary film]

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Drive EV’s and then they wont have an excuse to pump fossil fuels

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@Arthur – Where does electricity come from? Sometimes nuclear and wind, yes, but very often coal and mostly natural gas. All that electric vehicles do is move the pollution from the back end of your car to the neighborhood of the power plant.

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good time to be a lawyer.

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Even if there is, (has been or will be,) an efficient way for free energy for all. Does it not make sense for those in power to prevent the popularity of any of these alternatives? It would be better for their power, (and for us in their eyes probably,) if a tight net of control over our use of energy was maintained. That way, they can make sure we go in directions that are not undesirable. “For our own good.”

It’s not about protecting the environment. The powers of the world obviously have never given a fuck about that. It will always be about control. Because they know what’s best. They’re very knowledgeable and have clear, solid ideals. Because they rule so much, how could it be any other way. Right?

Just don’t be swayed when freedoms are sacrificed; not because of racism, not because of communism, not because of terrorism, but because of environmentalism. The same type of people who’ve created unstable environment after unstable environment are going to make sure they control the next to come.

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