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Has Fluther become all discombobulated tonight?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) May 29th, 2010

I’ve received like 9 “Starfish” awards tonight which are for getting a great answer on a new user’s question and I can’t see that I have answered any new users’ questions tonight.

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They were on the newbie’s q about the 50 foot – where you were a mouse in my butt.

Lurve ya.

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How new must a newbie be to be a newbie? It wasn’t smashthestate’s first question, and he had already given some answers too.

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@zenele And I just “lurved” the hell out of you. You’ll have to create a new user name/identity just that much sooner now. ;-)

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@lillycoyote I’ll wait til 5k.

I think you were right – I just got 50 starfish in a row. For nought.

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Same here.

I think the script that calculates the awards was making love to flutherbot. It seems to be playing make-up right now while flutherbot is passed out after python sex.

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@johnpowell Thanks. I can see how a python could throw a monkey-wrench into marine life based system.

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I just logged in and got a Skin Diver and a Channel Crosser.

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Getting the Skin Diver and Channel Crosser at the same time is the correct behavior.

On the 11th day of logging in (your 10th day of logging in two days in a row) you’ll get the first Skin Diver and be ⅓ complete on the Channel Crosser.

On the 21st day of logging in you’ll get the second Skin Diver and be ⅔ complete on the Channel Crosser.

On the 31st day of logging in you’ll get the third Skin Diver and receive your Channel Crosser award.

We’ve always had a rare bug that caused duplicates of things from time to time but it’s been very rare up until this incident. I assure you the second we can reproduce it and figure out what’s going on we’ll fix it.

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