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Has anyone read Siddartha?

Asked by deadleaf (212points) May 29th, 2010

Everyone interprets literature differently. What is your take on the story of Siddartha and his journey to becoming enlightened differently than Gautama?

I enjoyed the many ways he interacted with people and innocently lived their roles and eventually took serious part in them. The hardest part for me in the book was how he was left with no choice but to let his son go. I feel it hits home due to my circumstances. This is my opinion of the story. Please tell yours!

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I have not read this work, but you said something that piqued my interest, so I’ll respond to just that:

If you feel that close to the story, then it was meant to be read by you. Dig a little deeper.

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I have read it along with everything else by Hesse. It was a long time ago and I don’t really remember the details but I do know that book shaped how I view the world. I think I would be be a different person if I hadn’t read it.

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All I remember is that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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