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Why the heck do people use Outlook Express?

Asked by XOIIO (18266points) May 30th, 2010

Why do people use OE? It seems stupid having your email tied into your computer. Why not use Gmail or another online email? You can acess it worldwide, and don’t need to transfer anything if you change computers. It all seems wierd to me.

If you favor OE, why do you? Why is it better than an online email?

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I don’t use Outlook Express, but I do use Thunderbird. Mostly because I have multiple Hotmail, GMX, and GMail accounts. It’s a lot easier to let Thunderbird check them all for messages than it is to log in and out of the same web mail site, or having a bunch of browser windows/tabs open in incognito mode.

But I gave up using the ISP given emails a long time ago just because I switched around so much.

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My office uses OLE. Searching for mail is like lightning. Searching through mail in gmail or yahoo is painfully slow and quite frequently does not work.

I use both.

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I’m with you on this one.

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Oh, yeah. Sometimes I’m looking for an email and I can’t remember which account it was in. Searching from one program makes that a whole lot easier.

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Yahoo Mail and Gmail have a lot of drawbacks. One is that the mail is stored on their servers not your computer making it much easier for people to subpoena.

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I use Thunderbird. I prefer to have total possession of my e-mail. I can leave it parked on the server or store it on my PC. And as @mrentropy said. If you have multiple e-mail accounts. They are all in front of you, and you don’t have to bounce from site to site.
In general, Outlook is a sucky program.

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Outlook Express is my work e-mail. We send all our sales data to the accounting people every day as attachments, and basically we just use attachments all the time for all kinds of things. Outlook seems to handle them a lot faster than google or yahoo.

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RE: Sometimes I’m looking for an email and I can’t remember which account it was in. Searching from one program makes that a whole lot easier.

Gmail can check multiple accounts using forwarding/POP/IMAP. WIth a single Gmail login I send and receive Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and my personal domain email.

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My computer crashed-and-burned last autumn, and my new, replacement computer uses Windows 7. There’s no more Outlook Express. The system offers a dreadful email program called Windows Live Mail. The screen doesn’t look anything like the email programs we’re all accustomed to using; it has a cluttered and “busy” appearance, and it’s difficult to move around and use it. I deleted the program from my computer and now just go directly into my Comcast email.

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@Primobabe Weird, I have exactly the opposite opinion of Windows Live Mail.

I think it is Outlook Express, with a cleaner, uncluttered screen. All the settings screens are pretty much the same.

Not saying you are wrong, I may have tweaked settings so it looks clean to me (it’s been a while, I don’t remember.) I just thought it was interesting how opinions can be 180 degrees apart.

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@jaytkay That’s very interesting. You’re probably more computer-literate than I am and know how to tweak Windows Live Mail to your own liking. I open the program, see all those multiple, vertical columns of information, and get frustrated.

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Some people use Outlook Express because they work for companies that license it for all employees. I was forced to use it for years and disliked many things about it but did find a few features I liked.

At home I use Eudora. I greatly prefer to have my e-mail stored on my own computer hard drive and off the servers out there on the World Wide Web, where it is controllable, viewable, hackable, and losable by someone other than me.

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I find it weird that a company would use Outlook Express. Usually they go with Outlook, since it comes with Office.

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Haha, my friend. It’s for people who have multiple e-mails. It’s as simple as that. I’ll cite an example of how my buddy uses it. His occupation is Graphic Design and attended SDSU.
1. SDSU e-mail account* Here he gathers all his contacts that are school related
2. Personal one with his name* Here he uses it for professional clients
3. One linked to all his social media* Here he uses it for log-ins

I can think of other uses for it. For instance in 2007 I used to be a music blogger. It seemed more professional to have artists e-mail the “entity” name which was the name of the blog. I also had my own personal name for school, and personal things. And I also had one for a couple different bands I was doing at the time. It’s all preference. You get the e-mail live to your computer and a little stat checks up. I believe it’s for really busy/organized people. I know you can have separate folders in G-Mail or Yahoo or Thunderbird or whatever, but Imagine if I talked to professors with the name, “LUVVJEWELS” or “SEXYKITTEN4U” it just doesn’t work well with the professional world. It just looks like a spammer.

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