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Do people with PTSD ever decide that war is a bad thing?

Asked by LostInParadise (28993points) May 30th, 2010

I have heard a number of interviews with people with PTSD or their family members. I don’t ever recall hearing about a soldier coming home and deciding that he or she was wrong about wanting to fight. Even if the person thinks a particular war is justified, I would expect some of them to at least strongly believe that everything possible has to be done to first find peaceful solutions. I have not come across that sentiment. I wonder if part of PTSD might not be a kind of cognitive dissonance, a gung ho attitude toward fighting coming into conflict with the horror of it.

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I suspect that there are people with PTSD who change their convictions about wa and you just don’t hear about them.

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Individuals with PTSD don’t loose their ability to reason. They loose their ability to cope.

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You must assume that all PTSD suffers are soldiers. This is way not the case. Your question is really unanswerable because of your assumption.

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Some who have PTSD from combat do indeed turn against war, but not at any level significantly higher than in the general population.

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