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How Disgusting is This to You?(caution advised)

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 30th, 2010

Someone near and dear to me sometimes blows his nose on his SHIRT and leaves it there (only changes shirts if going out).
Have you ever heard of this and how repulsive is it to you?

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I’ve never heard of such a thing and, yes, it’s unbelievably disgusting. We’ve all wiped our wet hands on our clothes—public restroom with no towels—but that’s clean water and will dry quickly. As for walking around wearing a used “handerkerchief” —yuck!

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I’d say that’s pretty nasty indeed.

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Snot a good thing to do.Steve with the bogey stained sleeve is what i’d call this fellow.If that’s not his name, well I don’t care see. Was all I could come up with….oh forget it then.

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Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that. My brother used to do that when he was like 10. I’d buy them a box of Kleenex and insist they use it around me.

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Uh, gross.

Few things actually gross me out, but snot is one of them. Yuck.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the grossest, I’d say that was a solid 10. Yuck McNasty.

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It’s pretty gross. Not to him obviously.

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When I was young (five or so), I had a special patch of the left sleeve on my jacket, down near the cuff, which I reserved for wiping my snotty nose. I was the despair of my mother, since I couldn’t understand why anyone considered it gross. Of course, I also had a particular patch of wall in my bedroom where I liked to smear my boogers. I still have memories of having to sit there getting a ferocious stink-eye from my parents while they scratched the hardened booger bas-relief from the wall with a paint scraper.

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Oh, dear, @GrumpyGram. That’s pretty effin’ repulsive.

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I don’t even want to contemplate what’s going on in his underwear!

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@prescottman2008 Thanks a lot, I just got a visual! LOL

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<Removed by people who do those cleaning shows.

Confine him to the doghouse, or build one.

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