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What is usually the cause of a mouse pointer freezing up?

Asked by Gemini (495points) May 30th, 2010

Every time I turn on my computer lately my mouse pointer is frozen and I have to restart it, sometimes 2 or 3 times. I have taken the mouse apart and cleaned it but it hasn’t helped. Just wondering is there is something else going on. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried another connection? Sometimes a USB port can go bad.

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If you have a spare mouse, have you tried booting up with that one plugged in instead, to figure out whether the problem is in the mouse or somewhere else in the computer?

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@MissA , hey thanks MissA, I didn’t know that!

@Fyrius, thank you too Fyrius, I’ll see if I can borrow one and try that next if the USB port idea doesn’t pan out.

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Either there are to many windows open on the computer and the computer is supporting to many, or you may have too many unued programs within your computer or on you desktop and its taking up to much memory. Or your just rushong your computer by clicking on items or links to fast or your typing to fast.

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Bug, not enough ram, driver issue, using windows,

more seriously though, does it happen in a certain program? Or after a certain amount of time? Does it happen with other mice? Also, Details! what is your computer CPU, ram, graphics card, operating system?

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Is it just the mouse pointer freezing? As in, does the rest of the computer continue to function normally? I know that I’ve experienced frequent lock-ups twice now, and both times were due to a dying hard drive.

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@patg7590, @SmashTheState
Actually, it only has been happenning at start up when I haven’t opened anything yet, and it is only the mouse. I tried reconnecting the mouse last night and today I didn’t have the problem. Maybe just a coincidence, but I’ll know soon enough. Thank you both

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