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What were you like when you were a kid?

Asked by Berserker (33485points) May 30th, 2010

Were you a brat, loud and hyper, maybe a troublemaker, or a goody two shoes, were you quiet and reserved, did you get in trouble a lot, did you always do your homework, and so forth. Tell all.

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Bratty, loud, happy, silly, funny, creative, obedient but Never a goodie two shoes.

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Just like I am now, but without the vocabulary. And a lot more shame. (I knew if I kept at it that I could make it say what it was supposed to. So: When I was younger I wasn’t nearly so good at editing myself… so I was just quieter.)

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I was pretty much a goody-two-shoes. Never got in trouble, did what I was supposed to, was nice to everyone, etc. I wasn’t quiet, though. I’ve been outgoing for a long time. I also was a bit sensitive when I was under 10 or so. Lots of things made me cry. Improved on that, though. :)

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@DominicX you’re 18. You’re still a kid. You’ll be a kid for several more years. (Hell, I’ve got nearly 40 years on you, and I’m still a kid. Mostly.)

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Quiet and introverted but prone to moments of rage when pushed. I was picked on frequently because I was very tall and quiet. I was also very sensitive and didn’t take teasing well.

School was far too easy all the way through high school. I wish now my parents had placed me in more challenging schools – but they were so thrilled with my grades, it didn’t occur to them.

I spent most of my time alone, in my room drawing. Despite this, I always had at least one good friend.

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I was much the same as I am now: Quiet until I get to know you. I try not to cause trouble. I bottled up emotions until they exploded – usually in crying fits. I always did my homework. Always. Even if it took hours (which even the shortest math assignments always did. I now know I’m dyscalculic). I liked video games, writing, reading, and stupid adventure movies (Beastmaster anyone?). I had a huge crush on Donatello the Ninja Turtle and Ralph Macchio. I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Then I learned about malpractice lawsuits, and said eph that. I wanted to be a newspaper reporter. Then I saw the decline of the news industry and said eph that. I wanted to be a novelist. I hated my mom. I loved my dad. Then I missed my dad and hated my mom more, and my stepfather too. I wanted to leave everyone and go to Ireland.

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A bundle of non stop energy.Good mostly, well more down to my ability at being a smooth talking bastard.Got me out of a fair few scrapes.Not much has changed really.Still a big kid at heart, remain a smooth talking bastard.I wouldn’t want it any other way ;¬}

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I know I’m a kid; I was referring to myself when I was under 13. :)

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I was really shy and polite. I knew better than to be a pain in the ass.

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I was a pretty good kid, I think. Quiet and reserved for the most part, did my homework, did the housework, respected those I felt deserved respect. I spoke my truths and defend myself and my right to speak those truths. Spent a lot of time defending the meek.

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I was cautious because my parents were explosive. I loved school because the teachers were reliable and trustworthy. I too was explosive once in awhile. Twice I tried to beat up my innocent dear friend Vicki who had done nothing more heinous than sit next to the teacher we all loved the most, when I wanted to.
Very needy.
I tried to keep my head down, did my schoolwork well, sang in choir, made art on demand (“Would you draw me a ballerina? Would you draw me a horse? with a foal? Would you draw me a pregnant lady?!?!?”), and stood up for underdogs, except poor Vicki, who’s still one of my best friends. Which shows you something good about Vicki.

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Quiet, reserved, obedient, hard-working, trusting, intelligent, curious, and skilled. I very rarely got into trouble.

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Skinny, bossy, tomboy, quick study, know-it-all, spoiled…oldest of three and only child for almost seven years. My grandmother had five sons; the oldest had me. I had golden curls, an angelic appearance and a crowd of adoring relatives for a while.

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As a younger child, I was quite shy. Meek, even. Probably due to an abusive situation at home. An early feminist I suppose… under the age of 7 or so, I insisted on taking off my shirt when playing outside with all the neighborhood boys. If they could do it, I didn’t see why I couldn’t just because I was a girl. I loved school, read everything I could get my hands on, including the bible (in 6th grade, I read it start to finish… and still didn’t get the appeal) and trashy, sex-filled romance novels my mother should never have let me read. I made my room into an ‘apartment’, and spent most of my hours there.

As a teen, I really came out of my shell. My abuser was gone, I felt safe, and life was good! I was passionate about many things… art, friends, fighting discrimination (1st in my family to date across racial lines, much to the dismay of my mother and grandparents), defending fairness in general. Had plenty of friends, was semi-popular, and happy for the first time.

While a relatively ‘good’ kid (I wasn’t a trouble maker, never got arrested, etc.), I made a lot of bad choices as a teen, too. I was promiscuous. I drank and smoked a little pot. Put myself in all sorts of dangerous situations, but was lucky enough to come out fairly unscathed. I was a straight A student who never struggled or studied but for one class, which I flat out failed. School bored the ever-lasting shit out of me from about 8th grade on. In high school, though I was still a straight A student, I skipped school so much I couldn’t earn the required credits to graduate on time. I ended up dropping out. :(

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Quiet and somewhat shy. It took me a while to get comfortable with most people. With those whom I did, I was funny and warm. Basically, a good girl but with a bit of a devil in me that I would occasionally let out. I loved reading but also climbing trees, bicycling, ice skating and swimming. I had a rich fantasy life. Not a million miles from who I am today – just with a lot less self confidence.

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I was kind of a contradiction. I wanted to do honor by my ancestors (this was a concept instilled in me from birth by my father) and was unusually obedient child out of respect and love for my father, not fear. The concept of “your parent is your friend” is negative in connotation. However, he was: we had lots of fun together, however, unlike the popular concept of such, he was also a strict father. My mother died birthing me.

I was an inveterate prankster. I just could not resist an opportunity and rarely did the prankee know it was me (enter evil laugh here). If they knew it was me, the prank was not good enough. Sometimes I would tell whoever I pranked later that it was me, like one I pulled on my favorite Biology instructor. He just looked at me, shook his head, and said “I should have known it was you.” I said “thankyou.”

I was a quick study, most classes being, frankly, too slow and boring due to it.

I tried pot a couple of times and, well, it was boring. I became sexual very young (probably a bit too young) but I was also extremely careful.

At school I also was pretty much an outsider due to being one of 7–8 non whites (and the only Rromani Gypsy) in a school of 1800 (that gives a general demographic of where I lived). I had problems due to this, as can be guessed, but, overall, I consider my childhood to have been pretty damned good.

I was active, loved to run and play, laughed a lot, and was, generally, what I would think well adjusted.

I had a sense of duty and work ethic, taking my first job at 10 (normal kid’s jobs), first “normal” job at 16 as a prep cook. I also knew my father was dying and, as his time came when I was barely 18, took on more of his duties. I went from just my chores to taking on more duties a couple of years before his passing to both learn to be an adult and take the load off of him.

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I was focused and independent. I questioned authority and didn’t let anyone treat me as if I was beneath them. I accomplished what I needed no matter the lies or schemes. My mother called me a ‘quiet lake beneath whose depths the demons swam’ (it’s a Russian phrase).

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Quiet and questioning. I saw contradictions between what people said and what they did, but lacked the vocabulary to correctly frame what I saw. Overbearing hypocritical Christian parents made sure to beat the questions back in until I left, which enforced a hesitancy to speak up for many years.

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I was everything a kid could be! I was generally good and did everything a kid could to to get into trouble and was expert at not getting caught….probably too good. I was adventurous and loved to explore the world around me. Me and my friends never sat still and were always out seeing what new boundary we could push!

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I suppose I was better than some kids, but I would hate to live with myself before I turned about 10. I think it was my brother moving out and me getting his room that was the biggest change. Then a friend of mine was killed in a crash, and it was a huge wake-up call. It reminded me that I could have been her. It got me thinking about the reputation I was making for myself, and how I would like to have people think of me. This friend of mine was about 14 when she was killed, and she loved to play with us. So ever since that, I’ve tried be a “Hannah” for the kids in my life. I know I’m nowhere near my goal, but it really helps. I see this quote every week (I can’t remember the exact wording, here’s the jest of it):

Live your life as you would climbing a mountain. Each day you have a different prospective. An occasional glance behind you will remind you how far you’ve come, and an occasional glance to the summit reminds you how far you have to go. Climb this way, and the view from the summit will be astonishing.

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I was a nerdy brat, four year ahead of my age group academically but many years behind socially. I suppose that others saw me as a spoiled, aloof rich kid, but I was oblivious to that. I couldn’t figure out the intricacies of social communication with my peers, so I ignored such things.

All that I could do besides study was run, shoot holes in targets and stop pucks in front of a goal net. I was socially rejected, so I wrote off that side of life. Never dated or went to parties. I became a college student at 14, so I missed almost everything of the high school experience, not that I would have benefited from it anyway. I didn’t learn that I had Aspergers Syndrome until I was 46.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Wow….I apparently could do that (go to college this fall when I turn 14) if I wanted and had taken the right tests and if my parents could afford it. I’d rather have a normal life.

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I was a smartass and funny until I was ~10. Then I turned “shy”.

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Very curious, (read the encyclopedias from A to Z), social and gregarious, sometimes too outspoken, which got me into quite a bit of trouble in a very controlling family. Well developed sense of “justice” and typically protected the underdog.

I was the oldest of six children, so I had many responsibilities and did a lot of “mothering”. Logical and introspective. Wasn’t terribly inclined to be a conformist. Sometimes observed and attempted to correct inconsistencies in my environment. Those traits got me into trouble too! I guess one could say I was in trouble a lot! : >

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@ChocolateReigns I knew that I had no chance at a normal social life, so I zeroed in on academics. It was also fashionable at that time to push gifted students through the system as quickly as possible. A family trust fund paid the tab, so no troubles there. Have a normal life and enjoy yourself!

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Queen of hyperactivity, if I were told not to do something, I would most definitely go ahead and do it. This always led to painful situations! I was a great entertainer and extremely lively too. I could send any normal parent to the nervous breakdown unit!

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Very shy
felt different from everyone else
hated my name
loved active outdoor activities

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I had to spend alot of time alone, so I was very creative, musically.
very inquisitive – sexually
Very faithful – religious wise

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I was a fat kid and I was the smartest kid in the class. So, you can only imagine how popular I was.

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@bob_ Now you are The Bob!!

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