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Some cool, funny or unusual names for a boat would be nice?

Asked by ucme (45341points) May 30th, 2010

Yeah just a random question for the hell of it really.Anything you have either seen or simply a product of your imagination will do.I like boats, always fancied myself as a sailor man type thingy.Pity I feel giddy when stepping in a mere puddle.That’s probably going to hold me back a touch.Sigh, well a man can dream can he not? “I’m popeye the sailor man“Toot Toot!!

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Joe Mayo.

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How about the: S.S. This Was All I Got In The Divorce

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Failed Submarine.

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my boat is called ‘shapeshifter’

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~~~~~Floaty Boaty~~~~~

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RMS Queen Camilla

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We, long ago when I was married, had one fiberglass outboard, one fiberglass inboard, two antique Cris-Craft wooden boats (which I was not allowed to drive), a canoe, sunfish and rowboat.

We named them all after appropriate local birds; the pewee, wren, thrush, swallow, alouette, redstart, and osprey. Because we owned an Adirondack camp (read; sleeps 17 comfortably) and no road, we could travel only by boat.

The main house, guide’s cabin, guest house, boat house, wood shed and pump house were called Camp Blackhawk…not for the raptor but a local tribe of Indians.

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@Rebbel Queen Camilla? That’s sure to sink without a trace.

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Sinky Winky

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@gailcalled Once again the very definition of grace & good sense :¬}

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I love how you addressed it to @Queen Camilla.
Since i don’t think Charles is going to be king, there will probably never be a boat with her name.

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A One and a Tuna

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@rebbel Yeah forgot to put your name do it with stunning regularity.Think i’d have got the hang of this shit by now, still never mind. Agreed, they could however name a horse after her or perhaps vice versa.

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@ucme: No. I was simply reporting some of my history. It is true that I named all the boats because I was the only birder in the family. Our red fiberglass outboard, which we used for water skiing, I christened the Redstart for obvious reasons.

The redstart is a warbler that likes our location of 1600’ above sea level, fresh water, and mixed conifer and decidious forest that runs to the lake edge.

I am really relieved to no longer be the mistress of that enormous collection of houses and boats and 1000’s of square feet of shingles and a septic tank that had to be pumped out, first into a boat tank, and then, in town, into the truck. The bills, the bills! (The blackflies, the blackflies!)

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@gailcalled Okay, it’s all good though.Thanks.

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Ours is named Penguin but I have seen many other names:
Wet Spot
Tiwst o’ Fate
Risky Business
White Bird

to name a few.

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My mother named her little sailboat the Sea Foot because she played the flute. Maybe you should name your boat, when you get one, after something you like doing.

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Scuffy from the Little Golden Storybooks.

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GAS X. a lot of beans served on this boat.

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Sea Nile

Ship Happens

It’s A Moray

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@eden2eve Bravo for all of those!

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Ours is named Skinny Dipper.

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I want to name mine “Kiss My Ass”,but don’t like crowds lol

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Neighbors of mine on an island, near the camp I described above, had four museum-quality classic wooden boats, all gorgeous, named “Infamy,” “Calumny” “Witchery” and “Devilry.”

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Saw this one in Rockaway, NY: Fah Get A Boat It

Just for the Hull of It

Ex-College Fund

Big Boy Toy

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