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Problem connecting wired computer to Clear internet - can someone help?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) May 30th, 2010

We have three computers at home – two wireless, one wired. We just got Clear internet yesterday. The two wireless computers and the PS3 are connecting to browsers (Explorer and and Firefox), but the wired one will not connect to the browsers.

The wired computer is wired as following: From the Clear modem to the Clear voice router – for the phone, to our wireless-g router and into the PC. The chat program Skype is connecting to the internet on the wired computer, but the internet browsers are not, nor can the virus software connect to the online database.

Clearly, it’s not as simple as a connection problem. If it was the connection, the wireless computers and PS3 wouldn’t be connecting to the browsers, and Skype wouldn’t be connecting, either.

Does anyone know what is going on? Talked to Clear tech support and the guy just had us power cycle the modem and router, which we tried both last night and today. What gives???

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Did you check to see if you had “Work Offline” unchecked on the browsers?

Go under Tools>Internet Options>Click on Connections Tab and make sure there is nothing in the box under Dial Up and Private Network Settings (in internet explorer)

Also can you Ping out to websites? If you can then it’s definitely a no browse issue vs. a connection problem. Click on start button>run>type cmd and in command prompt window just ping any website

If you can’t ping out have you checked the IP address you are getting. You can try typing in ipconfig in cmd window. Can try ipconfig /iprelease then ipcpnfig /iprenew as well as ipconfig /flushdns

Also try pinging to the routers IP address if you can’t ping out to a website

Checked to make sure all firewalls were off or at a lower security level?

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@earthduzt Okay… We can’t ping out to websites. We can ping to the router. Checked firewalls already, that’s not the problem.

We typed the ipconfig stuff and after we typed the “iprelease”, this is what it says: “Adaptor local area connection is not enabled for Dhcp”. What now?

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Try this.

1.In Control Panel, click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections.

2.Right-click the connection icon, and then click Properties.

3.Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.

4.On the General tab, if an IP address is specified, select the option Obtain an IP address automatically

btw, is this XP, Vista or Win 7?

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It’s XP. And okay, we just did all of that. Now it’s saying “Local area connection is now connected”, but we were already connected – because we could use Skype on that computer – we just can’t connect to any browsers.

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So you can use Skype? But you cannot Ping out to other websites only to the router?

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Yeah, we can use Skype, but can’t ping out to websites, but can ping to the router. We are completely baffled.

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ok, where it says “connected” under your Local Area Connection, kind of below that does it show Sent and Receive and do you show packets moving?

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It does show the Sent and Receive and it also shows the packets moving.

The modem also started resetting itself randomly (about every 20 minutes or less) today.

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ahh you know what…get a hold of Clear again..I was researching this and found a guy with the same problem. The most likely cause is they assigned you a wrong DNS address. I’m pretty sure that’s whats going on here.

Here is what I found…


I’m trying to set up a LAN connection to connect to Internet (RJ-45 cable coming from the wall :) ) and I’ve received a quick guide to set things up on Windows 98. However, I’m running Vista Home Premium and I think they look a bit different. So here’s a translation of that guide (original in Finnish):

IP address: 192.168.X.XX
Subnet mask:

DNS server: XXX.XXX.14.134
Host: type anything

So this is the guide and I’m a bit puzzled with it, to say the least. The thing is that I can use Skype with ease but when I try to browse web pages, it just don’t let me do it. Could this be about dns or something? I’ve tried pinging both and (yahoo’s IP address) and when pinging the .com it just says “unknown host”.

Could someone be so kind as to assist me? I’m currently on an internship abroad and I’d really love to know what’s going on in Finland when I don’t have access to my computer at work.


Here is resolution


have you tried connecting your internet service provider?

this error could be coming from them because if you are unable to browse web pages then could be a wrong dns address which is assigned”

“Hi Vanniva,

Thanks for mentioning that. It actually worked – I was given a wrong dns address, but now everything’s running smoothly.


Link to article

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That sounds like the problem! Hopefully, this will work! I’m calling now and I’ll let you know if it works. :) Cross your fingers for meee! lol

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lol crossing fingers and toes…be stern with them!!

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It WAS the DNS! My god, thank you SO much! lol :) You rule!

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lol nice…glad it worked out…yeah definitely sounded like “their” problem..I mean you connecting to skype but no browse and packets moving, definitely their issue…:)

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