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Is war supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) May 30th, 2010

I have alot of friends who have pros and cons about war. I personally hate war, but it also gives our country something.

I know that men fighting in war are representing our country for, I guess popularity or something else, but it gives our country purpose.

So, I guess my real question is; What is war really for, but also, is war a good thing?

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war is what we do when we’re out of ideas.

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It’s a good thing, I suppose, if you’re selling weapons… especially if you can sell to both sides.

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War is a bad thing. All the negative consequences of such an event completely outweigh any benefits that might result from it. In my opinion anyway. As a military member for 22 years now, I’ve never been able to view war as a good thing.

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Generally war is what happens when one political group decides they want to take something from another by force. The others defend themselves by retaliating with equal or superior force.

Think of two children who haven’t learned to share – it is a bad thing.

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War is a bad thing. People die, because countries can’t come to a civilized agreement about issues.

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War is a bad thing.
My country has many positive things going for it, war isn’t one of them.
War isn’t about popularity or having a purpose. Hopefully it’s about defense and ensuring freedom.

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That depends on your goals.
If you are a weapons manufacturer, be it guns, tanks, artillery, aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, bombs, etc, you can sell a lot of weapons and make a lot of money.
War also means an increased demand in medical supplies, so if you are in the pharma industry, you will welcome war.
If you are a mortician, you will love it. Lots of work to do and money to earn.
In short, if you are a financial beneficiary war is good for you. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #34 states “War is good for business”.
Not to mention all the despots who can increase the territory of their empire and tighten their iron grip on their people, or bloodthirsty soldiers who can now satiate their sick urges.
But it can safely be said that for the rest, the vast majority of the human population, as well for nature, war is a really bad and crappy thing that will ruin their day.

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War is what happens when predators have large brains and breed in large numbers. I don’t like war any more than you do. I worry that my cousin over in Afghanistan will get hurt or killed but worse than that, I worry that he will become a killer himself. War turns good people like my cousin, my grandfather and @Bluefreedom into killers which is, in my opinion, as bad as, if not worse than, killing them.

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War is the health of the state. If you think its ordering people around as to how they live their lives and destroying their wealth and lives in the process is good, then war is a good thing. If you think that life is the highest priority and living it is a good thing then war is a bad thing. It is a matter of personal preference.

As for me I am in a Jihad against bullshit. Come in and join me. The water is fine.

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@uberbatman It is an excellent tool for growing the state and producing more jobs for the bureaucracy. It also makes a handful of contractors very wealthy. It also provides a great deal of money for politicians to tell us what great people that they are and that we should vote to keep them in power.

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@walterallenhaxton how are any of those things good?

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