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Can I use a Macbook to control my Mac desktop?

Asked by zombo (132points) March 15th, 2008

I’d like to get a Macbook to be able to control my Mac desktop from other areas of my house, as if I was at my desktop. Is this possible, and is it fast?

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With Leopard’s built-in screen sharing, yes you can do that. Speed is just fine.

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Screen sharing is a great new tool built into Leopard but it actually is a watered- down version of Remote Desktop which has been around a while…

There is actually a neat trick to add some of Remote Dektop’s more robust features to Screen Sharing (for free!) by making a modification through Terminal.

Just do a google search for “leopard screen sharing command line” to find out how…

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Yes, it works and speed is ok. Google Back-to-my-mac.

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Hey also check out Chicken of the VNC. Its a program that let’s you do that through your home network connection. I’ve been using it for over a year and still can’t believe how well it works. I control two Mac desktops, one Macbook, one iBook all from one major Mac desktop. I always
know who is doing what if I need to (teenagers) but its also good for doing updates and such from one location instead of going to every single computer one at a time.

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speed is highly dependent on the network you are using. using gigabit ethernet over CAT6 cable, it will seem almost as fast as sitting in front of the desktop. using a first-generation WI-FI router, you’re likely to notice a lot of drag. i find that an 802.11G network is the slowest useable option.

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