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How can I get my Zune to work with Grooveshark on a wireless network?

Asked by sebulba23 (78points) May 30th, 2010

I have a wireless network which provides adequate internet access, but I can’t seem to get Grooveshark to work. Is there an app, or some kind of flash program I need to download onto the Zune HD to get this to work? I’m surprised at the lack of info that could not be provided with a simple Google search.

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If Grooveshark is in any way in competition with anything that Microsoft does, don’t count on there ever being a way to access it. I’m not entirely sure what grooveshark is, lol… but I’ve had a Zune since first gen, and I’ve learned what nazis Microsoft can be.

How is the Zune HD, anyway? I still just have first gen.

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Apart from the problem with grooveshark (which obviously is pretty minor), it is excellent. I have not had it for very long, but in my opinion it is a great device for my uses.

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I took a look at Grooveshark recently and was frustrated by the fact that there is no app for iPhone either.

Since it’s a streaming service (similar to Fine Tune or Pandora) I don’t see any solution for this. I think it’s up to them to invest in providing any type of app allowing it to work on other devices.

I really liked the fact that you could create playlists with specific songs (unlike Pandora) but haven’t really pursued it since I could use it on my computer and not my iPhone.

If they were smart, they would invest in spreading it’s usefulness via some applications the way Pandora has.

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Grooveshark had an app for iPhone but the store rejected it, supposedly as too much competition to iTunes. Read this if you have an iPhone – I think can get you the iPhone app.

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