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Why do I crave something sweet after dinner?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) May 30th, 2010

I used to be really addicted to sugar, and I’m not anymore. But I still like a little something sweet. Usually just having a little something satisfies it, but what in me is craving?

And what are some healthy ways of satisfying those cravings? If fruit works for you, what are some of your favorites for after-dinner?

I have a sense that sugar’s a real bad idea, and I’d love to get really healthy and have more vitality.

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I usually try to mix in multiple flavors into my dinners. A good way to get some healthy sweetness in my dinner is by having a salad with some apple slices or a handful of Craisins thrown on top.

Mango is always a great snack after supper (sometimes even puréed and frozen for a nice sorbet).

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it is something to do with the energy used to start processing what you have eaten… and hormones I imagine… but alas..I do not know…would love to know myself.. but I’m tempted to think it’s all in my head..which of course…it is to some degree

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For me it seems to have something to do with wanting the last taste in my mouth to be a sweet taste. When I eat a lot of stuff like onions or garlic, then I REALLY crave something sweet. When I figured that out, I started just brushing my teeth with the (sweet-tasting) toothpaste, and that usually works for me. The other part of that is I don’t like to get stuff on my teeth after getting them all cleaned up. Then the craving goes away..

Of course, if it’s an emotional thing and I feel like I need something to make me “feel better”, then all bets are off.

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@Trustinglife – I’m the same way. After a meal, just when I’m feeling satisfied and not hungry, all of a sudden I want a couple bites of something sweet. Like, I really want it. Fruit does work, though I admit I usually crave a piece of chocolate, which is weird for me since I am not a huge chocolate eater.

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How about a nice mixed fruit salad after dinner. Mix and match with whatever you want. The list is endless. Sometimes I will pour over a yoghurt with it.
I always have a mixed fruit salad after dinner. I don’t feel I have finished my meal until, and unless, I have had my fix of fruit.

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I am a savoury person. Every once in a while, I like sweet things, but not often. But what came to me as I read your question is that maybe it’s just the remnant of your habit. Were you brought up with desserts after dinner? Especially carb-y sweet desserts, like pie?

You’ll have to analyze what kind of sweet thing you crave and work with it that way. It was rare for my family to have such desserts and snacks after dinner, so I don’t crave sweet things after supper today. Certainly some strawberries or apples would be healthy.

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I have the same desire although I rarely have or need a proper dessert. I usually keep lifesavers or Dove chocolate little pieces around (the chocolate in the freezer for slower eating) and have a peice or two when I want that sweet taste.

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You still crave it because youre still addicted.
Try fruit. Fresh pineapple is really sweet.

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Edit: piece

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It also has to do with insulin production/absorption. Your body gets tired from the sugar/carb high and wants more energy- enter more sweets. If you crave sweets regularly even after a tiny meal- then go to the doc and talk about blood sugar issues. I’ve noticed I only crave sweets after I eat a meal that’s more than a 1/5 carb (including sugar-heavy veggies like carrots).

Not saying this is for everyone, obviously, yet it does fit a certain segment of the population.

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I read somewhere once, ( source forgotten ) that a small amount of sweets after a meal actually signals satiation to the body, kinda along the lines pf it taking about 20 minutes for your brain to register a sense of fullness after a meal, soooo… slowly and wait.

Sugar is highly addicitve ( from a cheesecake & ice cream lover over here ) but…the less you have the less you crave, like anything it is an exercise in discipline.

Try fresh strawberries with lite coolwhip or strawberry yogurt….blackberries and yogurt are good too and, a healthy substitute for the hardcore sugar scene.

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