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What is the format for a cd player in a 96 Ford Mustang?

Asked by AshlynM (10561points) May 31st, 2010

I’m thinking it’s wma, but not sure. The normal cd – r, 1–48x apparently doesn’t work.

Any help is appreciated. Also, if anyone can provide a link to a free converter to wma. Thanks.

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A 1996 CD player would play only audio CDs. iTunes can burn audio CDs.

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A ‘96 CD player may not be able to read CDRs. I seem to remember having issue with some of my older equipment when I began burning CDs.

Other than that, say it can read them, @jaytkay is correct. It’s an audio CD format (as opposed to an MP3 disc).

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This shines some light then. I remember my friend being able to play a burned cd in the car but have no idea how he did it. So I know it’s possible.

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A regular audio CD uses uncompressed .WAV files. iTunes does burn a regular audio CD, but I find that they can be incompatible with a lot of stock automotive stereos, especially older ones.

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