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Do boys and young men look good in smart grey flannel trousers?

Asked by peter29 (47points) May 31st, 2010

If so, what should they be worn with?

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Grey flannel trousers with a white collared shirt and a navy blazer is a very classic but smart look. For a somewhat funkier, more casual look, a black corduroy or velvet jacket could be worn with them and perhaps a blue collared shirt.

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Old school ties and little caps with brims?

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They would look very good with a pink dress shirt.

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Yes. I would wear them with a grey sports jacket or blazer, and a black dress shirt. (I avoid white whenever possible because I own a black dog that sheds a lot).

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absolutely and they look great with anything.

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Because gray is a neutral color, you can pair it with just about anything.

You can dress it up or down or classic or more modern or daring.

Another classic look is any color shirt with a coordinatingly colored Argyle sweater vest and a solid colored tie.

Another color which looks exceptionally good with gray flannel is Maroon. One of the schools at which I worked had that as a color theme. Maroon blazers for both boys and girls. Gray pants for boys and gray/maroon plaid skirts/jumpers for girls. Nice color combo all around. Very classic looking and a nice change of pace from the usual Navy Blue and Black color schemes which are so common. Also looks really good on those with darker skin tones. Most of the kids in that school were African-American and this color combo just looked really sharp on them.

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And please don’t forget that with medium or light gray trousers, brown shoes, not black is the correct choice.

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I’m sorry, but you say flannel and I think of pajamas…

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That’s funny. And putting a contemporary spin on it with college kids routinely going to classes and out in public in their pj pant, I see your point :)

But this entire Q charmingly raises memories of a bygone era. You’re a movie buff. Remember the film, “The Man in The Gray Flannel Suit” ?

Or is that going too far back? Definitely a totally different type of flannel :)

…and Gregory Peck looked mighty fine in that flannel…

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Gregory Peck would look mighty fine in flannel pajams too – or even none at all. Just sayin’

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@Buttonstc: Actually, I haven’t seen that. I haven’t branched out into the oldies yet, but I have heard of it. And I’ve heard references to a flannel suit (Rose says in The Golden Girls that she dressed her husband in gray flannel pants and a shirt and tie when he had his heart attack so he would be dressed for the paramedics) but even then, I just thought of pajamas and sheets.. lol.

It’s true, it’s totally a generational thing. I wear flannel PJ pants to work at times, because I can. I just can’t see flannel as being anything but flowy and soft, which a suit definitely isn’t.

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Yeah, you’re right on the money there. To Kill A Mockingbird is still one of my favorite films. Peck was dignity personified.


Ironically, the flannel from which suits are made is a heavier grade of wool fabric than regular worsted. Basically a winterweight blend. Just slightly below tweed on the thickness scale. Definitely different from our current pj material.

But it’s thickness in suit material is why it looks so classically fine. Keeps its shape very well and long wearing.

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