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What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) May 31st, 2010

In my family, diabetes is hereditary. My mom, grandpa, great uncle, and great grandpa have it.

Im borderline diabetic because of the heredity, but im not fully diabetic because i eat healthy and excercise, but im overwieght. :(

Im not diabetic, but im just wondering, what are the symptoms of diabetes, and also how can you prevent them besides diet and excercise, unless thats the only way.

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I know that two symptoms are having to pee a lot and also being very thirsty. I do think that diet and exercise are the best mitigaters, if there are any. Have you looked at some diabetes websites or checked out for some good info?

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If you know you have a high chance genetically for diabetes, then it’s a good thing to have a talk with your doctor. For some people they eat right, exercise and get it anyway. Despite common thought- some people just develop diabetes despite what they eat. Good news is that research is now pointing that if caught early, some people prone to develop diabetes can be kept healthy by changing their lifestyle now and taking medication.

American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Basics site

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thirst, reoccuring yeast infections, lightheaded

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numbness too I think…in the extremities… I can get references if you need :-)...but I’m not medically qualified in the slightest

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I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes 4 years ago and here are the symptoms I was experiencing leading up to the diagnosis:

Frequent urination and thirst
Stomach pains
Loss of appetite
Diabetics can experience unexpected blood sugar swings from high to low with little or no warning sometimes and here are symptoms that a diabetic could suffer from during a low sugar episode:

Cold sweats, faintness, dizziness
Pounding of heart, trembling, nervousness
Blurred vision
Inability to waken
Personality change

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While both diabetes types have some different symptoms, there are some common symptoms also and some of those symptoms are:
Diabetes sufferers may show symptoms like fatigue or constantly tired, which is due to the body’s inability to convert food to energy.
Some diabetes patients suffer weight loss.
One main sign of diabetes is that a wound takes longer than normal to heal.
Other symptoms that diabetic person suffers from, include an excessive need to urinate, dryness in the mouth and the need to eat frequently.
Other common symptoms include frequent bouts with infections and blurred vision.
For complete info about diabetes prevention, remedies, diet etc. you may have a look at:

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Thank you everyone!

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Diabetes risk factors are high, if you have family history of diabetes, obese, low physical activity and bad food habits.

Pre-diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are marginally higher than normal but not high enough for diabetes diagnosis.

Common diabetes symptoms are frequent urination and thirsty, sudden weight loss or gain, blurred vision and heavy hunger.

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