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Does your state issue brake tags?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10206points) May 31st, 2010

My state issues brake tags. I don’t get it. Why not incorporate that into the license plate? One stop shop. Why have four different bureaucratic renewals for me to deal with so I can drive? What gives…

Oh, if you don’t have one, how many hoops do you have to jump through to drive around the block? thanks… maybe I’ll move.

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It might be one of those unique bits of Louisiana culture. I had to Google to see what a brake tag is. The only references I find are for Louisiana.

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sob i knew it!

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Im going to go with no since i have no clue what in the hell a brake tag even is

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Millions of cars get along fine worldwide without brake tags. I don’t even know what a brake tag is, but they’re obviously stupid, costly, and unnecessary.

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I thought everybody knew what a brake tag was. its that little time card you punch in in the morning at work. when its time for a smoke break, you click your card in the clock and on your way. now thats a break tag.

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I just recently found out you can’t have a registered vehicle in Florida if you don’t have a valid driver’s license. I guess that means blind people aren’t allowed to own cars and hire someone to drive them around.

You have to have car insurance to get a driver’s license, but you need a valid license to get insurance. You have to have both insurance and a license to get a car registered. If you own a car jointly with someone who doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, it is assumed that if the car is registered and legal than the one who doesn’t have a license is going to break the law, so they say “no soup for you!” and don’t allow you to register the vehicle.

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