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Are there any art galleries/venues in San Francisco that will donate space to a nonprofit fundraising event?

Asked by ntc (6points) February 15th, 2007
Asylum Access, a refugee rights organization in San Francisco is hosting its "Spring Soiree" fundraiser April 29th. We are a young organization with a very small budget and we need a nice space for this event.
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There's a gallery in SOMA called "One Taste" that donated the gallery for a fundraiser taht I was doing...I think we paid a nominal fee like $200...they have a kitchen that we used to set up our own hors d'ouvres (you can stock up on cheap sushi and etc at Trader Joes and arrange it artfully to look as if you have had the event catered while only spending $150). However, this space is pretty small. You could squish 100 people in, all standing.
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There's another funky gallery on the south side of Market, I think between 5th and 6th, that will give non-profits a very reduced fee for events. It's a much bigger space.
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I also wonder if the Mission Cultural Center might be receptive? I think they are more likely to host a free fundraiser if it were for an arts event, but you might as well try calling...
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I know that the folks at 111 Minna have a really amazing space and they have a reduced non-profit rate of $700, which is steeper, but the space is nice. Another gallery you might want to try calling is called Varnish Fine Arts, on Natoma, right off of 2nd street (between Mission and Howard). I don't know if they would do a free fundraiser but they host the "green drinks" happy hour for all the enviro groups (although I think they get the $$ from the drinks at that event. It's worth a call, though.
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very helpful! thank you
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you could also try cell space

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